Sunday, October 27, 2013

Honoring Bob Bedinghaus

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are enormously pleased with today's column from sportswriter Paul Daugherty arguing it's time we start showing some respect to Bob Bedinghaus.  Damn right. 

We have argued that Bedinghaus is the best Commissioner this county ever had, and it's time more people started to see it.  This article was so spot-on it's as if Daugherty got most of his ideas from our website.

As we all know, Bedinghaus was the genius who put together the stadium tax plan that has brought great wealth and prosperity to our region.  It's also true that he didn't do it alone.  Roxanne Qualls The Stadium Queen was the leading spokesperson and most important figure in passing that stadium tax. 

Bedinghaus says,  "Do I look back on it proudly?  Damn right.  Would I do it again?  Absolutely."  He should be proud.  Just because the stadium tax will be collected for 40 years, after he promised it would last no more than 20, doesn't mean this tax is a failure.  In fact, we consider it a success because it allows us 20 more years of higher taxes for a wonderful cause. 

We thank Bob Bedinghaus and Roxanne Qualls from the bottom of our tax-hiking hearts for everything they did to provide us a 40-year Stadium Tax.  This is the most important economic development plan we've ever had.  Bedinghaus had his run, and now we can't wait for 8 years of Mayor Roxanne Qualls so we can build more stadiums and more streetcars.


Bob Bengalhaus said...

Thank you! It was a pleasure to work with Roxanne Qualls to pass my 40-year stadium tax increase.

I would definitely do it again. Of course I would, I got a great job out of it! Go Bengals!

Mike Brown said...

I honor Bob Bedinghaus every day with some of my money. Well actually, your tax dollars.

Bob and Roxanne did a great job for you guys. I mean, they did great for me.