Sunday, October 6, 2013

Qualls upset at the voters

Dear fellow tax hikers, finally Roxanne Qualls is expressing her frustration with Cincinnati voters who are too stupid to understand all of the big, wonderful projects she has championed.  This was learned after a recent debate where Roxanne unleashed this bomb:

"I realized last night that people want a cage fight, not a policy discussion.” 

We implore you to read the rest of our blog entry while listening to the following embedded violin arrangement.  Due to a recent Youtube glitch you might have to manually unclick the mute button.  Please make sure this is playing:

We fully agree with Roxanne Qualls.  She deserves to be treated better by Cincinnati voters who lack the sophistication to understand her big ideas.

Roxanne has spent lots of time explaining to voters all of the benefits of the Bedinghaus Stadium Tax that she championed.  Those stadiums have brought much wealth and prosperity to Hamilton County.  But too many stupid voters don't understand this, and Roxy is right to be angry about it.

Roxanne has spent a significant amount of time over the past 5 years explaining to people how great the streetcar will be.  She knows it will be almost as great for Cincinnati as the stadiums have been for Hamilton County.  Once those rails go down, prosperity will follow.  But few people outside downtown and Over The Rhine understand this sophisticated argument.  She is right to be angry at all the dumb Cincinnati voters who fail to understand this.

Roxanne has also spent much of the last year explaining to people all the great benefits of the parking plan.  Smart people understand, but all the dumb Cincinnati voters supporting Cranley don't.

Everyone needs to understand this - Roxanne Qualls is smarter than everyone else.  She is too smart for the voters.  Roxy is right to be angry at the voters.  They are too dumb to understand policy discussions and it's unfair she could lose the election because of it.  

The only way Qualls could lose to Cranley is if Cincinnati voters aren't smart enough to understand the brilliance of her stadium, streetcar, and parking plan ideas.  Wouldn't that be tragic?


Joe Bag O' Donuts said...

Roxanne has so far been unable to sell the sack of unwashed buttholes that make up her policy positions to anyone outside of downtown and OTR. What is even more beautiful though is that her myopic supporters are encouraging this death spiral of a strategy. I can't wait for election night.

Everyone in Price Hill and Westwood said...

Who is this Roxanne Qualls you speak of? We've never seen her in our neighborhood.

Former Roxanne supporter said...

Poor Roxy, doesn't it suck to be so much smarter than everyone else that nobody can understand your brilliant ideas? Yeah that must be the problem.

Roxanne has become an arrogant prick and so are too many of her supporters. The reason we don't like her policy positions is because they suck, not because we're too dumb to understand them. The stadiums were a disaster. The streetcar is sucking up our capital money on a worthless toy, and the parking plan is a fiscal train wreck that's stealing from our future to spend more now.

Just keep this up Roxy. Stick to your Downtown/OTR crowd and keep telling yourself you're so much smarter than the rest of us. That will do just as much for you next month as it did last month.

Anonymous said...

The problem in the primary election was the voters did not understand her brilliance, and her volunteers did not work hard enough. THe notion that ehr positions on the Streetcar, the Parking Plan, the Pension, the $4.4 Million CIty Hall Atrium had anything to do with her dismal performance is laughable. The problem is that people do not understand her brilliance, her vision and her progressiveness. We need politicians willing to spend money on projects without regard to the ROI. Just move forward!

Mark from Mt. Adams said...

It isn't just downtown and OTR (baby) that's behind Roxanne Qualls, so many other Cincinnati neighborhoods are too! Clifton is totally Qualls Country. So is Mt. Adams.

We're going to take everyone by surprise on Election Day!