Thursday, October 10, 2013

Qualls celebrates the stadiums as a success

Dear fellow tax hikers, we hope you enjoyed Tuesday night's Cincinnati Mayoral Debate as much as we did.  Roxanne Qualls wasted no time proving that she is the best choice for Mayor. 

In fact, in her opening statement Roxy cited her role in building the two stadiums as one of her major successes!  We could not agree more.  Please review Ms. Qualls' remarks:

I led the effort that put in place the basic infrastructure and master plan for what we now celebrate as The Banks and Smale Riverfront Park.....And we built two new stadiums.

And thank goodness for that!  Those stadiums have been this region's greatest economic development project in decades.  Just ask Mike Brown and Bob Bedinghaus. 

Roxanne was on a roll, and continued:

But now it is very difficult to find people who oppose those things because we celebrate them as our success.

Indeed, this website has taken a lead in celebrating the success of the work Bob Bedinghaus and Roxanne Qualls did to get us those two stadiums.  Sadly, John Cranley does not agree with us.  Cranley has criticized the stadiums and what they've done for this community.  How dare he!

A candidate's past history can provide excellent guidance as to what they'll do in the future.  Qualls was a major force in getting us those stadiums and rightly brags about it today.  Cranley thinks it was a mistake.  Knowing that, who do you trust to build us the generation of great, high-taxing public projects?  We say Qualls!


Todd Portune said...

That Stadium Deal has worked out very well for me, too. Since I would have been term-limited on city council anyway, I would have had nowhere to go until Bob totally botched that Stadium Deal.

PG Sit-n-spin said...

Just wait Todd! Next year I will defeat Chris Monzel and we can run this county right, I mean Left. With Roxanne running the city and me and you running the county it'll be super fun! Don't worry, we have deeeeeeeep pockets so winning will not be a problem. Daddy already assured me.

Mike Brown said...

Every single day, I wake up and thank Roxanne Qualls and Bob Bedinghaus for all they've done for me. I'll always have a job waiting for Roxy if she needs it.

Democrat Activists Everywhere said...

It was a great success for us. The Republicans pushed it through, with some help from Roxanne Qualls. Their conservative base turned against them. When all the cost-overruns happened, Republicans got the blame, Roxanne was out of town. When it came time to open up the Banks and all the later development, there weren't many Republicans left in office, so we got all the credit. Now, if only the same thing could happen with the streetcar.

Republicans for Higher Taxes said...

Enough of people using this site to settle their personal issues. Take it elsewhere. Comment on the topics at hand or not at all.

Randy S. from Chicago said...

Looks like I get to vote ANYWHERE I please, bitches!

Go Qualls! Go Emanuel!