Thursday, April 24, 2014

Crystal Faulkner and Jeff Berding

Dear fellow tax hikers, thank you for joining us for the 6th Edition of....... The Crystal Faulkner Democratic Donation of the Week.  One thing very important to Crystal Faulkner Cooney is the election of Democrats in Cincinnati.  That's why she has supported Chris Seelbach, PG Streetcarfeld, and Mark Mallory.  Add Jeff Berding too. 

When Bengals Executive Jeff Berding wanted to bring his expertise to Cincinnati City Council, MS. Faulkner was there for him.  (look closely, the screenshot is reprinted below)

By supporting Bengal Berding, MS. Faulkner demonstrated her support for:

- higher Sales Taxes
- abortion on demand
- more streetcars
- continued Freedom Center subsidies
- The Bob Bedinghaus Stadium Deal!

Jeff Berding once said, "I take a backseat to no one in my commitment to Democratic values."

Neither does Crystal Faulkner.   Let's put Crystal and her values on the Republican State Central Committee. 


Princess Margaret said...

Crystal throws the best cocktail party receptions in the history of ever. Jeff Berding used to be a west Sider but he no longer smells like one.

The Great Debate said...

Crystal -
Still waiting to hear a response from you on your opponent's debate challenge. Will you stand up for your conservative values or will you cut and run like your detractors say you will once you get up to Columbus?

craig hochscheid said...

Who needs abortions? Just feed me your babies.