Thursday, April 10, 2014

Crystal Faulkner backs Jean Schmidt

Dear fellow tax hikers, we have learned that our friend Crystal Faulkner Cooney is upset - no, OFFENDED - that she is not getting enough credit for her Republican donations.  We wouldn't want to offend MS. Faulkner, so we're going to skip our scheduled edition of The Crystal Faulkner Democratic Donation of the Week and instead highlight one of her best Republican donations. 

When Crystal isn't donating to Democrats like David Pepper, Chris Seelbach, and Mark Mallory, she does indeed support some Republicans.  Such as the highly ethical former Congressman Jean Schmidt. 

When it was time to defeat that conservative veteran Brad Wenstrup again, Crystal stepped up to the plate by donating $300 to the embattled Jean Schmidt.  This was not the first time MS. Faulkner worked against Wenstrup - she also supported Mayor Mark Mallory against him in 2009. 

By supporting Jean Schmidt, MS. Faulkner demonstrated her support for:

- higher Sales Taxes
- Wall Street bailouts
- higher Gas Taxes
- more food stamps
- higher hotel/motel taxes; AND
- Jean Schmidt's incredibly high ethical standards

Nobody understands better than Crystal Faulkner the need to keep Brad Wenstrup from serving the public.  That's why she supports Democrats and Republicans alike to take him down.  This year Wenstrup is facing four Democratic opponents for his seat in Congress.  Which one of them will MS. Crystal Faulkner Cooney support? 


Mean Jean Schmidt said...

I love Crystal. She shares my values! When I challenge Wenstrup in 2016 I know Crystal will be my first donor.

Cryztel Focker said...

If I join some Women for Wenstrup event will everyone forget about my prior support for Mallory and Schmidt?

Ashtray Chloroform said...

As a former Democratic Party operative from New York City, Crystal is my kind of Republican! I love being the executive director of the party I used to oppose. Crystal's history with Democrats suits me just fine. We are kindred spirits. I've worked to defeat Republicans, too, just like Crystal has.