Thursday, April 17, 2014

Crystal Faulkner flip flops with PG Sittenfeld

Dear fellow tax hikers, we welcome you to the 5th Edition of....... The Crystal Faulkner Democratic Donation of the Week.  We've already covered some of her donations to wonderful Democrats like David Pepper, Mark Mallory, and Chris Seelbach. 

This week we add our streetcar hero P.G. Sittenfeld to the list.  When P.G. needed funds, Crystal Faulkner Cooney stepped up to help one of her good Democratic buddies.

By supporting Streetcar Sittenfeld, MS. Faulkner demonstrated her support for:

- more streetcars
- abortion on demand
- Responsible Bidder (which you know is VERY responsible)
- "marriage equality" for incestors, bisexuals, gays, groups, and polygamists
- taxpayer funding for Mahogany's
- lax voter laws so Melowese Richardson can continue to vote as many times as she wants. 

If you share these Democratic values, please make sure you vote for Crystal Faulkner to serve on the Republican State Central Committee.  This is the leadership our party deserves. 


Craig Hogsheisse said...

Man, we better reelect PG to defend the streetcar. It's the only way they'll be able to get me thru downtown since I'm too wide for the sidewalks.

craig hochscheid said...

Yay, next we'll be funding another restaurant I can put out of business by eating all the food and refusing to pay (y'know, my wife only gives me twinkies for salary).

Christmas In May said...

Between Crystal Faulkner and Rick Bryan, I think this blog will have some major celebrating to do in a couple weeks. Republicans are finally coming to their senses and telling the extremists to get lost.

All right said...

Looks like after this primary season, coast will be TOAST.

Mimes for Dever said...

Jonathan must be running one of those "quiet" campaigns where you go around and somehow reach all the voters without any signs, handouts, mailers, radio or television commercials.