Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Crystal Faulkner supports David A. Pepper

Dear fellow tax hikers, what is better than donating to liberal Democrat David Pepper?  How about donating to him twice.  That's what our Crystal Falkner Cooney has done.  With that we welcome you to the 4th Edition of.....The Crystal Faulkner Democratic Donation of the Week.

Last month we reported that MS. Faulkner donated $1000 to Pepper to help him defeat Republican Dave Yost.  Crystal didn't stop there. 

In fact, MS. Faulkner donated another $500 to Pepper.  When Crystal gets down to the business of defeating Republicans, she's not playing around. 

By supporting David Pepper - twice - Crystal Faulkner reiterated her support for:

- higher taxes
- abortion on demand
- gun control
- "marriage equality" for gays, groups, incestors, and polygamists
- obedience to the labor unions
- lax voter laws that allow Melowese Richardson to vote as many times as she wants

If these are your values too, then please join us in voting for Crystal Faulkner for Republican State Central Committee.  This can be the future of the GOP. 


Mel R said...

Hey hey hey, looks like I got out of the pokey just in time to help my good friend Crystal Faulkner out.

David A. Pepper said...

Much love Crystal. It would be a great thing for my career to have the Ohio Republican Party in the hands of someone like my good friend Crystal.

Anonymous said...
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Desperation said...
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Plnnd Parenthood said...

We couldn't imagine having a more abortion-friendly attorney general than David Pepper. Thanks Crystal for you all you're for womyn's right to choose abortion.

Judge Ghizzy said...

Because I am an esteemed judge, I am forbidden to take sides in a political race. However, I can present a few facts:

Crystal Faulkner is a Republican woman, who, like me, supports pro-abortion Democrat David Pepper.

Her opponent worked for, and ran the campaign of, that evil, treacherous man who conspired to take my rightful place on the county commission away from me.


Just Another Casualty in the Republican War on Women Even Though They've Endorsed Me Six Times.

Princess Margaret said...

Oh, dear! I can't believe my good friend Cryztal, who throws some of the swankiest shindigs in the history of ever, has to go out and actually *work* to get this seat because some smelly unwashed west sider who went to Mercy (ugh!) thinks this seat belongs to her and her Tea Party cronies. Don't these people understand? The Republican Party isn't for conservatives. It's only for the right people who go to the right schools and who know how to behave the right way, with the right kind of lineage and the right kind of investments in their trust funds. It's why we're known as "the right," right?

Republican Leaders in ORP and RNC said...

Crystal is just the kind of person we need if we are going to make the Republican Party more welcoming to women, the minorities, gay people, illegal immigrants, and so many others who will definitely stop voting for Democrats and start voting for us once we eliminate any semblance of conservatism from the Republican Party.

Yost is Toast said...

As part of my Yost for Auditor campaign, I'll be stopping by West Chester in the near future for a fundraiser because all the fools that live in Wetherington don't read this blog and don't realize what I have done to Christa Criddle. So I encourage every tax lover in Southwest Ohio to join me and Crystal hand-in-hand. Lord knows she needs the access to politicians for her business.

Ohio RINO Preserve said...

We'll see to it that Crystal uses her position to benefit her business and therefore she will personally benefit from her elected position. Actually, we won't do anything to help her, but there will always be that possibility, and the possibility things could get ugly for her state-regulated business if she crosses us. Heads, we win. Tails, you lose. Deal with it.