Sunday, April 20, 2014

Crystal Faulkner supports Rick Bryan

Dear fellow tax hikers, it's a great day when progressive Republicans like Crystal Faulkner Cooney, Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan, and this blog all work together to pursue our common goals of raising taxes and growing government.  A major milestone was achieved when MS. Faulkner endorsed Bryan for State Representative!

It makes perfect sense for Crystal to support our 2011 Tax Hiker of the Year Rick Bryan.  After all, MS. Faulkner has also supported equally fine candidates such as:

- Chris Seelbach
- Mark Mallory
- PG Sittenfeld
- David Pepper
- Jean Schmidt

We believe Rick will be even better for the progressive movement than these five. 

As conservatives have coalesced behind the conservative candidate, Jonathan Dever, it's more important than ever for us tax-and-spend liberal Republicans to stand together.  We applaud MS. Faulkner for taking some time out of her busy campaign to see the bigger picture. 

We implore you all to vote the progressive slate in this May's primary.  That especially means supporting Crystal Faulkner Cooney and Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan.  Some very important tax hikes and streetcar lines depend on it.


Relax My Friend said...

All conservatives have NOT, repeat NOT, coalesced around Jonathan Dever. In fact, quite a few of us began to think he had suspended his campaign, given the lack of activity. What a disappointing race. I had such high hopes for him until the little thing with the foreclosure hit the news. Oooops.

Desperate and Defeated said...

Some of you Rick Bryan supporters are as funny as you are desperate. Yeah, Dever suspended his campaign....the same week Ricky Bryan took a honeymoon with his new husband. Your increasingly desperate rumor-mongering shows that this race is slipping out of your hands.

Cryztel Focker said...

I am a unifier. With my leadership I will unify great leaders like Chris Seelbach and Rick Bryan as we work together to advance our progressive beliefs. Vote Faulkner/Bryan/Seelbach!

Dever Fever said...

It takes a special kind of paranoia for this blog to believe that Jonathan Dever has run a viable campaign which has even a snowball's chance of winning against Rick Bryan.

Rick raised more money. Rick spent more money on mail and TV. Rick has more signs. Rick has more endorsements. Rick has a message of conservative leadership. Rick hasn't actually been a conservative on a number of issues, but he is the only one making the case to people that he is a conservative and enough people will believe that.

The big reason they will believe it is because his is the only name that is saying anything whatsoever.

Early on, Jonathan Dever looked to be the front runner. He had the operation in place and was raising money last year. Then something happened that totally zapped him.

I'm just not seeing it, which is too bad because I actually wanted to see Jonathan win. I've voted for him, through the mail, but that's completely in vain based on what I've seen, or not seen.

If anything, his campaign reminds me of the closed-loop campaign of Roxanne Qualls. All we need is a dog peeing on a Rick Bryan sign and the circle would be complete.

Rick Bryan's concern troll said...

Concern troll - "Someone who posts to an internet forum or newsgroup, claiming to share its goals while deliberately working against those goals, typically, by claiming "concern" about group plans to engage in productive activity, urging members instead to attempt some activity that would damage the group's credibility, or alternatively to give up on group projects entirely."

"Dever Fever" is a classic concern troll. This person really likes Dever, we're told, and he/she even voted for him, but sadly informs us that Dever has "no chance" of winning. Same way that Brad Wenstrup, John Cranley, Amy Murray, and Jim Neil had "no chance" of winning their races.

The Great Debate said...

Will MS. Faulkner accept Christa Criddle's challenge yesterday of a debate, or will she run for cover like the chickenshit candidate that we all think she is. Come on Crystal, you say you want to advocate for conservative values. Well here's your chance. If you accept we'll all get a chance to see the kind of stuff you're made of. If you shirk the debate, then we can all pretty much accept that you're shirk your duties in Columbus whenever the going gets tough. We, the voters, are waiting to hear from you!