Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Dever admits he's a conservative

Dear fellow tax hikers, don't you all love it when your opponents make your arguments for you?  Our enemy Jonathan Dever did just that, when he sent a press release acknowledging his conservative views and admitting that our good friend Rick Bryan is the candidate of big government. 

Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan is indeed the candidate of higher taxes, more streetcars, and a $75 million park.  Jonathan Dever is one of the evil conservatives who has even signed a pledge to not raise our taxes.  He must be stopped.

Read the press release for yourselves.  Then get mad.  Dedicate yourself to supporting the big government ballot on May 6th, including our own Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan.


Today is April 15.  Are Your Tax Dollars Safe with “Tax-Hikin’ Rick Bryan?”

Ronald Reagan famously quipped that, “Republicans believe every day is the Fourth of July, but the Democrats believe every day is April 15.”

In honoring the president’s joke, Jonathan Dever, demonstrating that he is the true fiscal conservative in the race, signed the Americans for Tax Reform Pledge to “oppose and vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes.”

As a small businessman, Jonathan Dever understands the importance of staying within budget and funding priorities first.

Dever said, “I am proud to add my name to the list of candidates and elected officials at both the state and federal level who have pledged to stop the tax and spend policies that hurt the middle class.  I will go to Columbus and fight every day to make sure that we do not spend one penny more than needed.  Government is meant to help folks, not hurt them.”

Jonathan Dever’s opponent in the Ohio House Race has fiscal beliefs that are closer to those of Democrats than his own party.

Since announcing his run for the statehouse, Rick Bryan has campaigned as a fiscal conservative, but his record on Blue Ash City Council reflects a progressive fiscal record, earning him the long-standing moniker “Tax-Hikin’ Rick Bryan.”

On top of his profligate spending for projects like a $75 million public park, Rick Bryan voted for an earnings tax increase of a whopping 25%.

The working class folks and our seniors in the 28th House District literally cannot afford to send another Progressive tax and spender to Columbus.

“I will work to shrink our State government and return control to the local level.  Our working families deserve to have a candidate that will fight against over taxation and out of control spending.  I call on my opponents to follow suit, and sign the pledge.”

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my taxes are too damn low said...

Rick Bryan is the man!

The Tea Party Is Dead said...

Impressive work there, Jonathan. A stinking press release. Your "army of patriots" is nowhere to be found. What little fund-raising you've done in 2014 goes to your RINO "consultants." Face it, the Tea Party has jumped the shark in the 28th. Go back to West Chester where you belong.

Dever Believer said...

I had high hopes for Jonathan but it's clear he doesn't have the juice to make this race even close. His campaign looks less like a Jamie Schwartz job and more like a Julie Matheny job.

Desperate and Defeated Dever said...

This is the lamest political gimmick since Vikki Zwissler signed this at a COAST event and got her head handed to her by Phil Heimlich the second she signed it. I had big hopes for Jonathan Dever, but those hopes are long gone now. What a waste of a candidacy. I guess the 28th House District really loves paying more in taxes because the candidate of lower taxes has found virtually no traction.

Eric Dorman said...

If it wasn't for this website I wouldn't have known anyone was running against Rick Bryan.

Republicans for Higher Taxes said...

We can see someone has had fun on our blog today!