Thursday, October 9, 2014

Blue Ash's $33,000 Sister City Bonanza

Dear fellow tax hikers, we have more great news about Blue Ash's legendary Sister City program.  Earlier this year we broke the story that the City of Blue Ash is spending approximately $24,000/year to send Councilmen and their friends on taxpayer-funded junkets to Germany. 

We just discovered that Blue Ash taxpayers also subsidize the German delegation's visit to Blue Ash!  Read this Enquirer excerpt:

The 16 Ilmenau residents visited Blue Ash from Sept. 27 to Oct. 4. This is the 12th year of the Blue Ash and Ilmenau’s partnership. The city of Blue Ash covers the cost of lodging, food and local transportation for the Ilmenau visitors. The city spent about $33,000 on the visit, public relations coordinator Emily Shaffer said in an email.

We can see why former Blue Ash Councilman Walt Reuszer calls this program a "success".  We estimate Wheezer Reuszer's age to be 90 - in other words, the average Rick Bryan supporter. 

It gets even better.  Make sure you read this important paragraph from Blue Ash's 9/27/14 letter to the German delegation:

That's right, in addition to everything else, Blue Ash taxpayers are also paying for the alcohol consumption of their German visitors!  We wonder how many German alcoholics were on this trip. 

There is no question that this is a very successful program.  However, our enemy Jonathan Dever suggested in April that he would not spend taxpayer funds this way, and for that he must be punished.  We call on Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan, Jack Buckman, Walt Reuszer, and others to send a message to Dever that tax dollars deserve to be spent providing hotels, food, transportation, AND FREE ALCOHOL to Sister City German visitors. 

Vote YES for free alcohol and Council's taxpayer-funded vacations, and NO on Jonathan Dever. 


Rick BRINO said...

Our taxpayer-funded Sister Cities program has been so successful and profitable that we are looking to expand into other countries. Wouldn't it be great to set this up with a city in Greece? Or China? Or India? Or Italy? I've only got a few more years left to take advantage of overseas travel on the taxpayer dime.

Yost is Toast said...

My staff and I would love the free booze offered. While throwing back a couple of shots we would have time to brush up on Ohio code on the legality of such expenses.

Craig from Pricedale said...

Back when I was a highly successful industry veteran, I could at that much in good drink and good eats in a week. Now that I am a lowly stockboy at Crate and Barrell, I can only dream of such feasts.

Micah Kamrass, Columbus resident 2007-2014 said...

I will be the first to condemn Dever if he says one bad word about this excellent use of tax dollars.

Princess Margaret said...

I am so sorry to have missed this event, but when you're the hardest-working woman in the Hamilton County Republican Party, even our great chairman says so, it can be so hard to make every cocktail party. I know there would not have been any fat, smelly, disgusting, inbred west-Siders present at such a swanky event.

Greed Township Republicans said...

I hope our friends in Blue Ash did not take them anywhere near that trash-infested ghetto to the north of us.

Sore LooCzer Wonka said...

We've warned you people before. Nobody is to question a Blue Ash Council decision. Nobody may run against a Blue Ash Councilman. Nobody may defeat a Blue Ash Councilman. There will be severe consequences for all who violate my edict.

Royal Doyle said...

This blog entry is a personal attack against Rick Bryan.

Tim Burka said...

Thanks for letting us keep the 28th Alex. Your courthouse is coming unglued and you know full well that the Tracie Hunter trial isn't going to end in your favor. Even Kimball Perry stopped carrying your water once he figured out which way the wind was blowing. The Republican Party will once again be exposed for its anti-woman, anti-minority crusades that waste taxpayer dollars. I can't wait to rub your face in it yet again, but first, thanks for the Probate Court judgeship, too.

Cincinnati News Media said...

This news makes the Republicans look even more racist, sexist, and anti-Semitic than they did already.

Republican Leaders in the RNC and ORP said...

See, if the Republicans were more tolerant and accepting of people who like to spend taxpayer dollars entertaining visitors from other countries and plying them with alcoholic beverages, we would become the majority party.

Former Republican Donor and Volunteer said...

Dever has knocked in my door three times. Once in the primary and twice in the general. I still don't know what he will actually do if he is elected. What's his plan? Who the heck knows. I had high hopes for this race this year but they are fading fast.

How to Win Hamilton County said...

1. Claim to be conservative or moderate
2. Run against Republican incompetence
3. Have the news media on your side
4. Get the union folks to go out and steal opponents' signs at night, frequently replacing them with ours.
5. Be a man.

This worked for us.

Dusty Rhodes
Jim Neal
Wayne Coates
Todd Portune

and it looks like it is working for Charlie Luken and Micah Kamrass as well.

And they said 2014 would be a huge Republican year. Ha! Not around here, that's for sure.

KNC51 said...

I can't use my real name because I am retired from a very important position at the highest levels of state government, but have you noticed how effective and well-organized the Husted For Ohio campaign is here in Southwestern Ohio???

The Former Future Mrs Blessing said...

I agree with everything Tim Burke says.

Union Goons said...

We'd like to thank Alex T for the Probate Court judgeship as well. We can't wait to organize all the employees in probate... once we fire all the Republicans.

End the cronyism and nepotism in the courthouse. Vote Charlie Luken for Probate Court Judge!