Monday, October 27, 2014

Light Rail Tax - Kamrass/Reuszer style

Dear fellow tax hikers, as you know the movement to bring a big Light Rail Sales Tax hike to Hamilton County began many years before our blog launched in 2007.  And one of its long-time supporters is tax hiking expert Walt Reuszer.  From an August 2000 article:

Reuszer has worked hard this election cycle with his former neighbor Micah Kamrass to raise taxes, promote light rail, and kill babies through all 9 months of pregnancy.  The primary reason behind Reuszer's support for Kamrass is because Reuszer is a sore loser (just like us) who can't handle that the voters rejected his friend Rick Bryan.  However, there is more to it than Walt's butt-hurt feelings. 

Kamrass, Reuszer, and other public transit advocates like us are working together to bring concepts like Light Rail and Streetcars to all of Hamilton County.  AND the higher taxes these systems require. 

At the sole debate between Kamrass and his evil opponent Jonathan Dever, Kamrass stated around the 22-23 minute mark that we "need to invest in a regional transportation plan" and he wants "all of it (Hamilton County) connected in a regional transportation mode" - that sounds exactly like a multi-billion dollar Light Rail plan!  He also wants us to "connect different parts of the state" - like the Ted Strickland 3C plan. 

A minute or two later, Kamrass condemned Dever for opposing the Cincinnati Streetcar.

This is the kind of leadership needed to move Ohio forward.  Reuszer knows we have to first elect people like Kamrass before we'll get the higher transit taxes that we deserve.  We need Kamrass and his support for Light Rail and Streetcars.  We know we can't enact light rail now - but by electing great leaders like Roxanne Qualls and Micah Kamrass, we can lay the groundwork to get it soon. 


Desperate Deceiver said...

Maybe this attack will work after all the other ones I've tried have failed so miserably. It was much easier to fool Republican primary voters.

Mayor Roxanne Qualls said...

Micah reminds me a lot of myself. Gosh I hope he wins.

Epic Flail said...

Wow you tea party guys are getting desperate. None of your other baseless smears against Micah Kamrass have stuck and this one won't either.

Here We Go Again said...

Republican attempts to smear their way into winning the 28th will fail... again. They tried it with Virgil Lovitt and they tried it twice with Mike Wilson. Again it is not working.

Memory Lane said...

I was trying to remember who this arrogant jerk Dever reminded me of. Now I remember.

This is Getting Old said...

Dever tried to tie Micah Kamrass to Obama.

Dever attacked Micah for attending the same voters' rights rally that fellow Republican Charlie Winburn attended.

Dever attacked Micah over being supported by people who almost uniformly support Democrats.

None of this worked.

Now this blog, which is barely trying to be satirical anymore, is trying to attack Micah on behalf of Dever because of some issue one of the supporters was engaged in over a decade ago.

If the other smears didn't work, I don't think this one will, either.

Here's a thought: tell us what Jonathan Dever will do and how he will work to improve our lives.

Right now, I don't see any of that. I just see someone so desperate to get political power he will just hurl random insults at his opponent, hoping something will stick.

Dever should be running towards the nearest psychiatrist. The man is unfit for public office.

Lt. Caffey said...

The galactically stupid (and lazy) leadership of the Hamilton County GOP is jeopardizing seats that should be walk-off wins in other places. While Republicans in the rest of America lick their chops over the prospect of gaining seats, Republicans in Hamilton County are scrambling to hang on to some seats and are coming up woefully short in their attempts to re-capture the 28th. It's time for new leadership in Hamilton County from the chairman and his staff. I used to think they did nothing at GOP Headquarters, and now I wish nothing is all they did, because their laziness, their incompetence, their more-important-than-thou attitude, the oozing condescension out of every pore of their bodies, is costing us seats.

KNC51 said...

I can't use my real name because I am retired from a very important position at the very highest levels of state government.

Folks, I hope everyone realizes just how important maintaining the Secretary of State's office is, and I hope everyone notices just how hard I've been working to make it happen.

Is everyone noticing all of the Husted signs across Southwestern Ohio?

Is everyone getting all that campaign lit my veritable army of volunteers that I have so arduously assembled is passing out?

Does it impress you how many people I've personally recruited and solicited to attend our big Republican rallies across the great State of Ohio?

Is everyone noticing how many people I am bringing in to the call centers in support of our entire Republican ticket?

When you think of selfless team players with unquestioned loyalty and dedication to our great Republican Party, you should all think of me.

Krybaby Kamrass said...

Jared, you must find better things to do than post here all day. Relax my brother, it's a satire blog and it's been around since about the same time your brother left the 28th District for 7 years in Columbus.

From where I sit neither candidate's "attacks" have done much. The race was a tossup in May, it's a tossup now.

If the Kamrass Krew doesn't think it's fair to define them based on a few supporters and affiliations, then they wouldn't be doing the same to Dever. If it's fair to call Dever a "tea partier" because some of them support him, then Kamrass should be prepared to be tied to Stan Chesley, Jerry Springer, and Voting Rights Hero Melowese Richardson.

Of course, this is all stuff that Micah would know if.....he ever held a job before running for State Rep

Sigh said...

More juvenile attacks from the Republican running in this district. The morons downtown and in Columbus will never learn. I miss Jim Raussen. Never thought I'd ever say that. Turncoat bastard.

Racist Pig Hochscheid said...

Flabby and I will eat whoever loses this race.

Tim Burka and the Faux Caleb said...

Our law clerk is going to mop the floor with their golden boy.

Our old drunken mayor is going to take out another Republican dynasty member.

We'll take a judgeship with a candidate who doesn't even practice law in Hamilton County.

We're picking up a state board of education race-- that also includes Warren County-- with a militant union member.

The Hamilton County Republican Party: Leadership That's Working... For Us!

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness gracious for Reuszer and other anti-life, pro-tax candidates endorsed by the Unquirer and City Beatnik.

Toss Out said...

Anyone who thinks this race is still a toss up is living in serious denial. The nasty campaign run by Dever, I mean by the Republican Party with absolutely no input from Dever whatsoever is turning voters away from the GOP in drives. Droves. And some of us who see nothing more than Lee Atwater style racial fear-mongering and other disgusting tactics are going to do more than just vote for Kamrass. The Republican Party will be shocked at how poorly it's ticket will fare next week in the 28th. Their solution, of course, will be to go even nastier the next time and blame the candidate when it fails. Again.

Nasty Boyz said...

Only the Republican Party can make a 25 year old college student look better than a 40 year old attorney.

Dever can't win said...

Folks this race is over and it won't even be close. Dever has no chance of beating Rick Bryan. Rick has the money, endorsements, and support.

I meant to say, Dever has no chance of beating Kamrass. Micah has all that good stuff Rick had in May.

LOL said...

"Running in the general election is exactly the same as running in the primary" said no campaign professional ever except the loser behind this blog who is continuing to be an embarrassment to the Republican Party and needs to find another line of work before he bankrupts his family.

Gangam goodbye said...

No comments or posts this time about the double dipping Winklers? Is the jobless loser running this blog trying to audition for a job with the Winklers? Protip: people don't ever forget the anonymous cowards who slander them on the Internet.

Tim Burka said...

Micah, Charlie, and I will see you at Chip's lunch next Friday, Alex. Can't wait to discuss those nasty ads you ran against our candidates and how, once again, your party got rejected by the voters.


Your Good Friend Tim Burke

Anonymous said...

Nobody ever said a primary election and general election are the same. The point being made is the arguments used to determine that Dever had NO CHANCE to beat Rick Bryan are foolishly being forwarded over to the general. Some people never learn.

Dusty Roads said...

I think I am going to come to that lunch too and give Alex a piece of my mind as well. The attack ads he is running against me are completely outrageous.

That's Right said...

Dever won a primary by a mere 66 votes, with a last minute attack mailer that Rick Bryan had no way of responding to. It was effective, to be sure. The problem is that none of that has worked against Micah Kamrass and this time Dever is alienating Republicans he needs n order to win. Face it, the nasty campaign run by a nasty person is toxic in the 28th,

Liberal mudslinging said...

"Face it, the nasty campaign run by a nasty person is toxic in the 28th"

I agree, the nasty campaign being run by Micah Kamrass and Ohio Democratic Party is outrageous and why we should vote for Dever on Tuesday.