Saturday, October 18, 2014

Kamrass Kampaign Slumber Party

Dear fellow tax hikers, tonight we will do something a little different by live blogging from the prestigious Kamrass campaign sleepover that we were graciously invited to attend.  This is our dream come true!  As the night gets started:


9:00 pm - Start arriving for the sleepover. Each person must bring 3 stolen Dever signs
10:00 - Melrose Place marathon!  Free diet soda will be served
12:00 - Change Doyle Webster's royal diaper
12:15 - Watch Justin Bieber concert; double back over the Bieb's shirtless set
1:30 - While pretending to be a Dever supporter, prank call Rick Bryan and put it on speakerphone to hear Ricky's meltdown
1:35 - Debate which boy from One Direction is the cutest
2:00 - Discuss Micah's career successes
2:01 - Plan the next ceremony to honor Voting Rights Hero Melowese Richardson
2:30 - Write thank you notes to Kamrass donors Stan Chesley and Jerry Springer
3:00 - Clean up the mess Walt Reuszer made in his sleeping bag
5:15 - Hold hands while signing along to a special hit from One Direction
11:30 am - get up early for some door-to-door


Gordon Gee said...

I'm sorry I had to miss it. I would have enjoyed showing you some of the prank calls Micah and I used to make to those damn Catholics.

PMS Editorials, Inc said...

Being a student government President qualifies you to serve as a State Representative.

Immaturity Rulz LOL said...

The Dever scampaign and its cronies on this blog are making the college kid look mature by comparison

The Blessing Dynasty said...

If that Kamrass gets in, it looks like he has plenty of family members he can pass that seat to when he is term-limited. The stupid voters will never know the difference.

Campaign Expert Matheny said...

My daddy is the greatest mayor of all time and I am finally going to be on the winning side of a campaign when deceitful DEVER gets the defeat he deserves for his last minute smear campaign against Rick Bryan.

Tim Burka said...

I cannot thank my good friend Alex Triantafilou enough for letting us keep the 28th district for yet another two years at least. And thank you to for the probate court judgeship. Even I will admit that the thought of people addressing Charlie Luken as "Your Honor" will take some getting used to. You might think I'll be gracious in victory at Chip's big lunch the Friday after Election Day, but I'll probably be just as smug and condescending as. I was in 2012 and I will be sure to imply that you're a bigot yet again. Hey, let's be sure to talk about what seats you plan on losing in 2016. I am thinking that Clerk if Courts is looking real good about now.

Young Drunk Republican Women of Cincinnati said...

Maybe we should organize a slumber party. It would help us pretend we actually do useful things in a campaign.