Monday, October 13, 2014

Micah Kamrass, Jerry Springer; and a woman has a child with her grandson

Meet the Kamrass Team, Volume 2

Dear fellow tax hikers, one of many impressive accomplishments of Micah Kamrass is the strong support he has received from television legend Jerry Springer.  Springer is best known for his thoughtful talk show program, which explored topics such as:

- a transvestite who is happy he/she cut off his/her legs;
- I'm pregnant by my brother;
- a "breeder" for the KKK;
- Mom, will you marry me?;
- this gem of an episode that shows what a truly great person Springer is.  Only a high-quality person would have aired this.

And let's not forget the Frenchman who legally changed his name to Mr. Ooh la la, and then went on Jerry to brag about sleeping with his girlfriend's best friend.  That episode means something to us, because when we look at young, cute Micah, "ooh la la" is the first thought that comes to mind.

Kamrass must have been excited to receive the support and large check from Mr. Springer.  Click on the pic below to see the entry from the public campaign finance report:

This kind of support excites us.  Micah Kamrass is a high-quality candidate just like Jerry Springer is a high-quality person and entertainer.  We can only hope Kamrass will contribute to Ohio's future as well as Springer has contributed to America's. 


Jonathan Deceiver said...

Jerry Springer is more popular with Democrats than I am with Republicans.

Royal Doyle Webster said...

As a loud and proud supporter of Micah Kamrass, I wholeheartedly embrace his other supporters and their values. It gives me great pleasure to stand with Jerry Springer, Stan Chesley, Al Sharpton and "Mae" Richardson. That's so much better than being around those conservative Republicans on the west side or any of those COAST loons who want lower taxes and transparent government. That wouldn't be good for Springdale at all.

The Blessing Dynasty said...

When you come from the right family, and your seat is guaranteed for as long as you can find someone in your family to hold on to it, matters such as celebrity endorsements are incredibly trivial. It is a darn good thing the voting public would rather follow celebrity gossip than follow current events. Do you know how few people honestly give a rats ass that my old man handed me this seat on a silver platter while no one was looking?

As if I need to do a damn thing this fall. Campaigning is just a way to show Heather the Heiress around the district she will represent when I am termed out.

Wheezer Reuszer said...

There is nothing wrong with incest marriage and incest childbirth. Jerry Springer is a man of integrity and young Micah should be proud of have his support.

I don't like Dever because he beat my friend Rick, I mean because he's supported by extreme elements in the GOP. Kamrass is supported by good mainstream folk like Al Sharpton, Melowese Richardson, Jerry Springer, and Stan Chesley. Good moderates just like Micah.

You Dever people need to get off it. And all you damn kids better GET OFF MY LAWN!

Jarod Edward Richard Kamriss said...

Nobudy is suporting Dever. See:

Every one luves mi big brother.


Tim Burka said...

Remember, Dever is the extremist nutjob because he criticized taxpayer funding of overseas travel. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Thankfully, my friends at the Enquirer and the Community Press are sticking to this story too.

Blue Ass RINOs said...

We've turned up our nose in disgust at Jerry Springer's antics for the past 30 years. Now that he is supporting our man Micah Kamrass, we are so happy to be associated with him.

Charlie Luken's Ghost said...

Hey guys, I know, it's been a while. I am sure you're seeing my signs everywhere. You all remember me from Channel 5 and my highly conservative years as Cincinnati mayor and before that on City Council. I know, I've been off making big bucks as a lobbyist and haven't exactly been practicing much law in a while. In fact, my divorces are pretty much the only courtroom experience I've had lately. And, yeah, I thought about ditching this judge thing to run for county commissioner but that damn ghostbuster wouldn't budge. But I know I can count on you all to elect warm, fuzzy, lovable Charlie Luken to the Probate Court judgeship. You know you want me in there, because I am so experienced, dependable, trustworthy and conservative. Don't forget conservative. Except in Northside and Clifton where I am known as a staunch progressive.

Republican Leaders in ORP and RNC said...

This is why the Republican Party needs to change its ways and adopt every single liberal policy position known to man. Then we can get everyone's votes and we can be the permanent majority party.

Sore LooCzer Wonka said...

I don't see any problem with Jerry Springer or incest.

Every Cycle said...

Democrats have been beating us up one side and down the other ever since Alex became chairman. We lost the recorders office and the sheriffs office downtown in addition to the 28th. We also lost Fred Nelson's judgeship. Any thoughts on which office we are most likely to give the Democrats this time? My first guess is the Probate Court judgeship.

Judges Matter said...

Now that an elected Democrat, supported at one time or another by nearly every other Democrat in office, has just been convicted of a felony, isn't it time we made the Democrats own Tracie Hunter? Use her photo and tie every Democrat on the ballot to her. The Democrats sure as heck do that. Is the GOP, at any level, ever going to grow a pair and go for the jugular? Or are we just going to let the Democrats in the press corps dictate the rules of engagement time and time again?

Blue Ash bozo Kerrie said...

Dever is a bad bad man. He ran against Rick Bryan AND WON! How dare he!

Blue Rock said...

All across the United States, a red wave is building, Republicans will gain in the US. House. The GOP will pick up a slew of Senate seats. Elsewhere in Ohio, it is looking like a Reoublican rout, thanks in no small part to The Wreck of the Edward FitzGerald. Republicans are looking great from sea to shining sea.

Except in Hamilton County, that is.

Republicans are set to lose a 57% index seat-- yet again-- because the party nominated an angry, hateful, divisive person who won't tell us what he will do because then the voters would really reject him.

At the same time, Republicans will lose the probate court judgeship because they out up a socially awkward and uninspiring judge with no name ID outside of Green Township to run against a man with universal name recognition who is still seen as a beloved conservative on the west side. Way to go.

What kind if inept leadership runs an angry extremist in a moderate legislative district where positions on the issues are of paramount importance and then turns around and puts up a mealy-mouthed sad-sack creature of nepotism to run against the most popular elected white Democrat in Hamilton a County?

You didn't even need to run a moderate in the 28th, just someone with a personality. Same for probate court.

Hamilton County will be a blue rock stemming the rising tide if the red wave washing over the rest of the country.

Alex, you're doing a heckuva job.

Newport Hooker said...

Hay Jerry, that check was supposed to be made out to me ?

Anonymous said...

As a healthy contributor to the decline of western civilization my endorsement for Micah is in keeping with my dim worldview and bankrupt moral code. I stand with the Hochscheids on this one.

Jerry "hooker" Springer