Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Prominent GOP blog; accurate

Dear fellow tax hikers, we at Republicans for Higher Taxes are very proud of the growing influence and respect that our movement has earned over our three years of operations. We have taken this power and used it responsibly to ensure that when push comes to shove, the Republican Party remains the party that delivers the higher taxes and big-time spending increases that we so greatly deserve. This is why we strongly endorse great tax-and-spend Republicans like liberal Leslie Ghiz and 2009 Tax Hiker of the Year Michelle Schneider.

Recently two more media outlets have honored our work. A local liberal newspaper, whose News section is run by a liberal homosexual activist, has referred to us as, "a prominent GOP blog." Indeed we are. There is no finer blog in Southwest Ohio that promotes the values of our Republican Party - higher taxes, more spending, and supporting great Democrats like Todd Portune, David Pepper, and Barack Obama.

From the other side of the spectrum, a Tea Party-supporting blog called From the Rust Belt recently referred to us as, "the snarky but accurate Republicans for Higher Taxes." Us, snarky? In spite of the snarky quip, we credit them for having the intelligence to recognize us as an extremely accurate blog. We take pride in the accuracy of our information. If we ever do get it wrong, we will run a correction or remove the questionable claim. What other GOP tax-hiking blog can give you such accurate and reliable coverage?

We are, as the two above blogs stated, an accurate and influential GOP blog. We continue to be a powerful force for maintaining the Republican Party as a tax-and-spend machine. Party operatives and the media alike know the good we can accomplish when we tax hikers stick together. Tax us more!


Virg the Scourge Lovitt said...

It is my firmly held belief that Republicans for Higher Taxes is a very accurate, prominent, and highly influential blog. Nobody did more than you guys to tell the truth about my great tax-and-spend record and make sure the voters learned about the real me. Keep up the great work guys!

Rick Jackson said...

I am glad Michelle has the courage last night to admit she has raised taxes. I would have liked her to come out and announce her full support for future tax hikes, but even she wasnt dumb enough to do that last night.

Kevy Kev O. said...

Please come read my blog. Won't someone please read my little flailing blog? I'm prominent too! Remember, I hate Chris Finney!!!

John Fox said...

Don't forget, we also hate the Jews.