Wednesday, March 3, 2010

April 16th - Leslie Ghiz Appreciation Day

Dear fellow tax hikers, we invite all of you to attend our special Leslie Ghiz Appreciation Day on April 16th. There we will honor our endorsed candidate for County Commissioner Leslie Ghiz for everything she's done to raise our taxes and elect Democrat David Pepper to the County Commission. These last three years of Democratic control have been some of the most prosperous, most successful in Hamilton County's history. We owe Ghiz tremendous thanks for making it happen with her key support of Democrat David Pepper.

We are going to allow the Cincinnati Tea Party to hold their big event with Sean Hannity on April 15th. But April 16th will be our day! That anti-tax conservative Chris Monzel will not be invited. His consistent opposition to higher taxes has been a huge obstacle to our tax-and-spend agenda.

By contrast, Leslie Ghiz has been one of our strongest allies ever. Leslie helped the Democrats take control of the Hamilton County Commission with her public endorsement of Democrat David Pepper. Leslie helped the Democrats stay in control of Cincinnati City Council with her support of Democrat Jeff Berding. She was one of the first elected officials to endorse the $800 million Sales Tax hike passed by David Pepper and Todd Portune. Leslie voted to build Mark Mallory's $200 million streetcar. Chris Monzel refused to do any of this!

Leslie Ghiz has earned her own special day for everything she's done to endorse Democrats and raise taxes. On Leslie Ghiz Appreciation Day this April 16th we have a great opportunity to show the Republican voters of Hamilton County just how much we value higher taxes and Democratic control of government. With Ghiz's election to the County Commission we will be able continue the pro-tax policies of Pepper and Portune. We can't wait to see all you tax hikers next month when we all come together to salute Leslie Ghiz for electing Democrat David Pepper and endorsing huge tax increases.


David A. Pepper said...

There is nobody who appreciates Leslie Ghiz more than me. If it wasn't for her I probably wouldn't have gotten elected and we Democrats wouldn't have been in charge these last 3 years. I have cleared my calendar and will spend the entire day showing my appreciation for my good friend Leslie.

Ted Jackson said...

I stand with Leslie Ghiz because she supports gay marriage and voted to give special rights to us, and that makes me smile.

Some of us are more equal than others and Leslie understands that.

Jamie said...

Sweet! I'm going to live-blog this special event. Not here, but at my new blog that I'm trying to promote.

Jeff Berding said...

Leslie Ghiz can tell lies better than me, and I know how to mislead people. I am supporting Leslie.