Saturday, March 6, 2010

Monzel Campaign Manager on Fox News

Dear fellow tax hikers, you cannot believe how disgusted we were to see Chris Monzel's campaign manager Christa Criddle featured on a Fox News story about the rising Tea Party influence in the Republican Party. She was even wearing a Monzel shirt and Monzel signs were shown everywhere! We are very upset that we were not contacted to provide a big government alternative to Team Monzel's position.

The Tea Party should have no influence whatsoever in the Republican Party. We are the party of higher taxes and bigger government, and we support candidates like Leslie Ghiz who agree with our agenda. Chris Monzel is a conservative who has consistently opposed our high-tax agenda. For that reason he should be disqualified from any further GOP support.

Fight back by renewing your support for our endorsed candidate for County Commissioner Leslie Ghiz. We will defeat the Tea Party. We will defeat conservatives like Chris Monzel. We will elect Leslie Ghiz to maintain our tax-and-spend majority on the County Commission. Tax us more!


David Pepper said...

I will always be there to vouch for Leslie Ghiz and her pro-tax agenda. When I was in the race of my life against Republican Phil Heimlich, Ghiz proudly endorsed me to help us Democrats take control of the Commission. A few months later she endorsed my big $800 million Sales Tax hike. I know she will do just as great for our county as I have.

Leslie Isaiah Ghiz said...

Fox News is part of the conspiracy against me, too! Maybe that's why I advertise My campaign on liberal blogs, because they aren't getting any of my money.

Leslie Ghiz-Aziz said...

Good thing there wasn't a Fox News crew at the Lincoln Day dinner. They might have caught my hysterical outburst to the party chairman about how everyone is out to get me. I think I might have called him everything but a white man.

They might have even caught me stomping out mad and skipping Michele Bachmann's speech.

Matt Jones said...

Don't worry Leslie. I have you appearing on MSNBC with Keith Olbermann. They're the cable news station that is more in line with your agenda and beliefs.