Sunday, October 30, 2011

Oppose Dan Unger for Northwest School Board

Dear fellow tax hikers, we ask everyone in the Northwest School District to vote against fiscal conservative Dan Unger for School Board.  His opposition to higher taxes, and support for more spending controls, makes him unfit to serve on a School Board.  In addition to his votes against raising your property taxes, Unger has made a series of proposals on his website and campaign ad which we find revolting:

- Saying no to double dippers.  We have no problem with people who retire from their jobs to start collection their pensions, then return the next day to the job so they can earn both their salary and pension at the same time.

- Amend the district's purchasing policy to require School Board approval for high-dollar purchases.  We would rather see Administrators spending wildly with no control from the Board.

- Require the Board to appoint the financial review committee, instead of having the Treasurer appoint a committee to review.  What is wrong with having the Treasurer's office appoint the committee who will oversee the Treasurer's office?

- Control spending.  We are against controlling spending.  If the district fails to control spending, then we'll have to pass property tax increases to pay for it all.  And raising taxes is what we really want.

If you like higher taxes as much as we do, you have to vote against these fiscal conservatives who try to keep government under control.  Say YES to higher taxes and say YES to big spending by saying NO to Dan Unger.


My taxes are too damn low said...

Dan Unger and all those other fiscal conservatives make me so mad! My taxes are waaaaaaaaaaay too low. I would like to see my property taxes double, maybe even triple, but that Unger keeps thwarting my wishes.

Diana Frey said...

In my glory days as an important union leader, I always hated dealing with conservatives like Dan. They don't understand that unions and especially union leaders are more important than those stupid taxpayers.

Until my vote is taken away due to the felony conviction I'm about to receive, I'm always voting against fiscal conservatives like Dan Unger who put the taxpayers first.

Ashwin said...

Unger and his tea party zealots are of the kind of republicans we need in this county.

Princess Margaret said...

Ugh, I hate having to go over to the Northwest area and having to breathe that Rumpke stench. This is one seat I'd be glad to see us lose.