Monday, February 27, 2012

Springdale Council endorses higher property taxes

Dear fellow tax hikers, we proudly report that Springdale City Council and Mayor Doyle Webster have unanimously endorsed the big Princeton Property Tax on the March ballot.  We applaud each of these fine tax hikers for the excellent big government leadership they have shown.

We previously endorsed this tax increase because we share their desire for the biggest government possible.  The Princeton Schools currently spend $15,922 per student per year.  This makes them the 10th biggest spending public school district in Ohio out of about 613 school districts, which means Princeton already outspends over 98% of Ohio school districts.  How can they be #1 if they don't raise taxes?

As the numbers prove, this tax increase is extremely necessary.  If this property tax hike doesn't pass, the Princeton Schools will only be able to outspend 98% of other school districts.  That's not good enough.  This levy must pass so Princeton somebody can be the absolute biggest spenders in Ohio.

Our good friend Mayor "Royal" Doyle Webster observed,

"But if we don't pass it, it will impact property values."

Absolutely.  Property values will fall through the toilet if Princeton only gets to outspend 98% of other school districts instead of 100%. 

If you disagree, it's because you hate children.  Only a child-hater would oppose such an important tax hike.  Because we love children, we love higher taxes.  It is only through higher taxes that Princeton can fix its underspending problem.  We applaud tax hiker Royal Doyle Webster and the Springdale City Council for their unwavering dedication to higher taxes and big spending.


Taxhike Hartman said...

I wholeheartedly support this revenue enhancement. It's important to understand that we all must share the burden.

Concerned Springdale Citizen said...

What's wrong with you people? How come you aren't cheering for the big school levy bond issue in Wyoming? The Bitterest Hag in Politics is a BIG, BIG, BIG, supporter of that one, you know, the same politician who raised taxes in Wyoming to build a pool for the people in Woodlawn.

Mz Vicky Zwiss said...

I know everyone in the Republican Party and COAST hates my guts but I thought I could count on you people at Republicans for Higher Taxes to support our big $25,000,000 bond issue in Wyoming. How come nobody in the Republican Party ever supports me for ANYTHING???? I guess I have to add this blog to the long list of people who have wronged me. People just don't want to see a conservative, business-owning woman to succeed in politics. That is the problem. Gotta go. Time to take a kid to a swim meet. Sent from my iPhone.

Republicans for Higher Taxes said...

Tax Hikers - we endorsed the Big Wyoming School Levy in December. Also, we have praised School Board Member Lynn Larson ever since the Wyoming Schools dropped in the state rankings and blaming the police for her kid getting in trouble with the law. Those are definitely the kind of people Wyoming residents should feel good about giving more of their money.

We will be doing another piece on the Wyoming School levy before the election, so stay tuned.

This entry is about the Princeton School Levy and the fantastic support it is receiving from the professional tax hikers on the Springdale Council and Mayor Royal Doyle Webster. Please, let's get back to this important topic. The residents of the Princeton Schools deserve higher taxes just as much as the residents of Wyoming Schools.

In particular, we are anxiously awaiting the comments of our strong supporter Campaign Expert Matheny. We know she wishes she could be on the Springdale City Council so she could help her daddy raise more taxes. She is a fantastic pro-tax Republican who adds to our website as much as she adds to your tax bill.

Dr. Matheny, Campaign Expert said...

Thank you so much for your great support of this levy and of my daddy! I love him, I love Springdale, I love Princeton Schools, and I especially love raising taxes on my neighbors! I also love running campaigns against other politicians who raise taxes in other communities! They like to waste money, but here in Springdale, we know how to spend your money best! I stand tall with Great Americans like Jean Schmidt and Bill Seitz who like raising taxes just as much as I do, and with that Great American and Close Personal Friend Bill Cunningham who loves all of us conservative tax-hikers!

Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan said...

These fine tax hikers are a credit to City Councilmen everywhere!!!