Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ashwin Corattiyil's Snafu

Dear fellow tax hikers, we were the first to give the new Hamilton County Republican Party Political and Communications Director a warm welcome to his new job.  Now we would like everyone to forgive our friend Ashwin Corattiyil for his first glaring mistake. 

On Friday the Hamilton County GOP sent a press release announcing that Rocky Boiman was selected to fill Tracy Winkler's hefty shoes as the newest Green Township Trustee.  Nevermind that we had already announced it three days earlier.  In this release, Ashwin wrote, "On Monday, October 18th, Green Township Trustees David Linnenberg and Tony Upton appointed Rocky Boiman to replace Tracy Winkler...."

Monday was October 17th.  By the time the 18th rolled around it was Tuesday and Rocky had already been selected.  We would like everyone to just ignore this error and move on. 

Just because Ashwin spent the entire 2004 election cycle campaigning for John Kerry and worked for the liberal Democratic Speaker of New York City Council through 2010 does not mean that he is a Democratic infiltrator who is trying to destroy our Hamilton County GOP from within.  He did not make this silly mistake to embarrass his new Republican employer.  You can trust him.  That's what we declare.


Mags said...

Ashwin is in plenty of good company. Anyone remember when I kept calling our candidate for mayor "Wemstrip?"

Anonymous said...

Ashtray's bosses couldn't be bothered to do a 10 minute google search before hiring him. So it's no surprise that he lacks the same attention to detail that plagues the rest of the corrupt party.

Alex T said...

You know, Corattiyil is most definitely not a Greek name.

unnamed DNC staffer said...

Our "inside man" has just gotten started. In just a few short years years he'll have that placed even more screwed up than it was before, if that's even possible.