Monday, October 17, 2011

Tax Hiker of the Year TBA Thursday morning

Dear fellow tax hikers, now that our efforts to install Tracy Winkler as the new Hamilton County Clerk of Courts have resulted in victory, we now return to a high priority item.  As you know, we have already selected our Tax Hiker of the Year.  Today we announce that we are planning a big rollout this week.

This Thursday morning at 7:30 AM, Republicans for Higher Taxes will name the winner of our 2011 Tax Hiker of the Year award.  We promise that we have found a highly deserving recipient.  We know that you all will be just as proud of our accomplished winner as we are. 

We trust that everyone understands the reason for our delay.  Our movement needed to focus all of our attention on selecting Tracy Winkler to be our next Clerk of Courts.  This was an important victory for us.  With that behind us, we can give our Tax Hiker of the Year the big-time attention that he or she deserves.  We have always done right by the winner of this most prestigious award and this year will be no different.  Tax us more!


Virg Lovitt said...

I know you will find a worthy recipient. I have been proud of all your past winners, especially when I won it in 2008.

Princess Margaret said...

I am sooooo excited!!! When's the banquet? Is it going to be at Virgil's convention center??? I need plenty of notice so I can buy a new cocktail dress and some matching shoes. I can't ever wear the same dress twice. Smelly west siders. Ugh.