Sunday, October 9, 2011

Tax Hiker award delayed

Dear fellow tax hikers, due to our tireless work on behalf of selecting Tracy Winkler for Hamilton County Clerk of Courts, we have had to delay the rollout of our 2011 Tax Hiker of the Year award.  This is our most prestigious award and we want to make sure that our winner receives all of the recognition that he or she deserves. 

When Winkler is in the spotlight, she takes it all.  It would unfair to our 2011 winner to announce their accomplishment under these circumstances.  Our Tax Hiker of the Year is entitled to the significant recognition that historically accompanies this honor.  However we cannot give this person the attention they deserve while we are working so hard for our Tracy. 

We want all you tax hikers to know that we have selected our winner.  This person is highly deserving of the award.  We know all of you will be just as proud of this person as we are.  We promise, as soon as we complete our work on behalf of Tracy Winkler we will announce our fantastic 2011 winner.


Princess Margaret said...

OMG!!! I am soooo excited! Can't wait for the big awards dinner! I'll need plenty of notice so that I can get my hair done, schedule some time under the lights, get a good wax in, buy a new dress, and of course a new pair of shoes! I love my shoes! I am so pumped! LOL! I just made a funny! Pumped, get it?? Just be sure not to invite any of those smelly west siders. Ugh! How gross!

High Tax Adamecs said...

Have you ever considered giving it to a tax-hiking supercouple? We would be perfect for the award.

Diane and Tom Adamec

Rick B said...

Wow, two mustaches in the Adamec clan! I might be a hair short.