Monday, October 10, 2011

Winkler's final hurdle

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are so close to making Tracy Winkler our next Hamilton County Clerk of Courts that we can already taste the victory.  Just one more hurdle remains.  On Tuesday the Hamilton County Republican Party Executive Committee meets to make the final decision for the Clerk of Courts.  We can tell you now what will happen.

We are proud to report the exclusive news that Tracy Winkler has already been selected by the Executive Committee in advance of tomorrow's meeting!  The decision has been made that Winkler will win in an overwhelming vote.  We are working to make it unanimous.

This is a fantastic victory for our tax hiking team.  We recognized our star on the rise, Tracy Winkler, and put everything else aside to focus on getting her this position.  We have even postponed naming our 2011 Tax Hiker of the Year to focus all our attention on Winkler. 

Tracy is entitled to this appointment!  She is a Winkler.  She hired Alex Triantafilou's wife for a position that she was otherwise unqualified to fill.  She shut down public comments at the Green Township Trustee meetings.  Tracy is owed a favor by the Party Chairman, and tomorrow Tracy officially collects.  Our tax dollars at work!


2 inch vertical said...

Love the title, a touch of irony. We all know Tracy's fat ass couldn't hurdle a Green Township phone book.

Princess Margaret said...

OMG! I am so psyched! Between Tracy's coronation and the Tax Hiker Of The Year award and the new Juvenile Court judge we are about to bestow on someone, it's just so much fun being in politics you know! Gotta run! Guess I have some more shopping to do!

Katy Croissant said...

I can't hurdle anything taller than a few pieces of paper.

Katy Crossen

Bobby the intern said...

Please don't forget to bring your rubber-stamp YES to tonight's meeting. They will be getting a good workout.

Fat Alex said...

But we know that *I* won't be getting a good workout.

Aspiring Juvy Judge said...

Dear Mr. Chairman,

Does your son need a job? I know he is about 12 or 13, so perhaps we could arrange a position for him in rocket science or brain surgery. Please contact me ASAP!

Tracy's Facebook said...

Dear friends,

TOMORROW I WILL OFFICIALLY BECOME THE NEXT HAMILTON COUNTY CLERK OF COURTS. You are cordially invited to my swearing in ceremony.

Wednesday, October 12th , Hamilton County Courthouse, Room 360 at 12 noon. I would love it if you could come.

Sincerely, Me

Tracy Oinkler said...

I forgot to add, everyone gets free food!