Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Our new Clerk of Courts

Dear fellow tax hikers, today was a special day for us personally and for the movement that we lead.  We were privileged to be in attendance as our Tracy Winkler was officially sworn in as the new Hamilton County Clerk of Courts!  Then at the reception afterwards we enjoyed an appetizer with Tracy, followed by a bucket of wings, and some chips and dip, and an assorted variety of candies, and finally a sampling of wonderful desserts. 

Tracy wasted no time getting busy at her new job.  By the end of the week we anticipate she will actually know what the Clerk of Courts does.  With hundreds of patronage jobs at her disposal, Tracy will have many hiring decisions to make.  She will soon make key decisions about her administrative staff, perhaps replacing workers like Mike Robison with some of her unemployed relatives with minimal education.

And naturally, Jennifer Triantafilou is being strongly considered for a high-ranking job.  Because of her qualifications, of course. 

Team Tax Hikers, all of you deserve credit for the great jobs you have done!  This couldn't have happened without you.  We did our job convincing the party that Tracy Winkler was entitled to this position.  Between her last name and her decision to hire Jennifer Triantafilou for a job she was completely unqualified for, Tracy earned this appointment.  Tracy is very appreciative of everything we have done.  Now we will get our reward as she serves Hamilton County as well as she's served Green Township.


Allison D said...

Will my mama bear hyre me at the Clerks of Court offices? Working for my mommie would be like totally awesome!

Princess Margaret said...

Tracy, please, please, please, whatever you do, don't hire any more smelly west siders in the Clerk of Courts office. Ugh! I can't stand them. They're a total drag when I see them out and about at happy hours and fund-raisers, always got to come over to say hi like we're old buds. As if!