Thursday, February 9, 2012

Duke Energy refuses to subsidize the streetcar

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are irate at Duke Energy for refusing to spend $18.7 million to subsidize the wonderful streetcar.  That is the estimated cost to move their utilities for this most urgent project.  Can you believe that Duke Energy wants the City of Cincinnati to pay for their own streetcar?  We think all the ratepayers of Duke should pay for this.

We are so mad that we are starting a mass boycott of Duke.  Refuse to use electric or gas products until Duke relents.  If every streetcar supporter refuses to use electricity or gas, we will bring Duke to their knees!

We call on our State Representative Peter "Streetcar" Stautberg to advocate on behalf of the streetcar, just like he's done before.  Streetcar Stautberg has previously assisted us on the streetcar project and now we need him again. 

No matter Duke's insolence, the streetcar is happening.  Mayor Mallory and us agree, this streetcar must be built no matter how much it costs.  We don't care about the costs.  If necessary, we'll just raise taxes.  More taxes, more streetcars, that is life in modern Cincinnati.


$tate Rep for $ale $tautberg said...

Nooooooo. After everything I did to save the streetcar, this can't be happening. As Chairman of the Utilities Committee I will make Duke pay if they don't get with the program.

Mayor Mallory said...

Nothing to see here, we're still building that streetcar. I don't care if the streetcar costs $1 Billion, we're still going to build it. It's all I have.

Katy Croissant said...

I'm joining this boycott. Well, except for my refrigerator, microwave, oven, and can opener, none of which I would ever give up.

Big Beth said...

I'm with Katy! I am boycotting Duke too! Except for the refrigerator, microwave, oven, can opener, and, well, one other device we don't need to discuss... so hard to find a good man in this totally unhip town that doesn't have a streetcar!

Princess Margaret said...

The streetcar will be totally useless unless it goes out to Kenwood Mall.