Thursday, February 23, 2012

Leslie Ghiz's inaccurate website

Dear fellow tax hikers, earlier today The Daily Bellwether Blog discovered that our favorite judicial candidate Leslie Ghiz was posting inaccurate information on her website.   Leslie claimed she is "currently serving her third term" on Cincinnati City Council, when in reality she was defeated in November's election and is currently out of office.  Thankfully, Ghizzy's crack campaign staff corrected this error in the evening.

Otherwise, Ghiz's critics would have used this to accuse her of dishonesty or lack of attention to detail.  We would not want anyone to think that our candidate for judge lacked honesty or attention to detail.

Ghiz has had enough problems to deal with.  She lost her last two races, in spite of our strong endorsement in both. 

We call on Ghiz's critics to lay off.  Just because Leslie Ghiz was defeated in her last two elections, allows criminal behavior at home, and was caught posting false information on her website, doesn't mean she would make a bad Judge.  These things happen.  We still love our Ghiz.   She will bring law and order to every corner of Hamilton County.....except her own house and car.


Ghizzy Lizzy Poo said...

Thank you guys for defending me. You've always been some of my best supporters. I will be a great Judge! Now after two straight big election defeats, I'm not bitter or anything but it's time to lay down the law.

First, screw that Daily Bellwether blog. I am Leslie Ghiz and I'll do whatever I want!

To my husband - if you get arrested ONE MORE TIME, this Green Card Marriage is SO over! If I can drink like a sailor without getting in trouble with the law, you better find a way too.

It's tough being Leslie Ghiz while running for countywide office as a Republican. I have to act like a conservative to appease all those damn right-wing knuckledraggers. Then there's all those stupid minorities I have to pretend to tolerate. It's tough being me.

I promise to win this race unlike my last two. I will make a great Judge with all my intellect and judicial temperment. Ghiz for Judge!

Dr. Matheny, Campaign Expert said...

GO LESLIE GO! C'mon girl! I'm pulling for you and my friend Jeannie Schmidt to come through next week! You all are the greatest! I wish I was in office just like you two so I can raise taxes with you both! Bill Cunningham tells me my day will come, though. He is *such* a Great American! We love all the same people in politics: Jeannie Schmidt, Leslie Ghiz, Tom Weidman, Bill Seitz, and both of us completely loathe horrible Republicans like John Kasich.

Hartmann's Drunk Staffers said...

Hey Lez, wanna let your husband come party it up with us some time? He can find us in OTR around lunchtime most days. After that, let's see if he can keep up with us young babes. ;) Don't worry, we'll have him home before curfew. You can trust us. We don't bite... anymore.

MS. Vicky Zwiss said...

Leslie you keep your head up girlfriend! Don't let any man tell you what to do. I TOTALLY understand why you might be bitter after 2 consecutive elections losses. Have you seen anyone more bitter than me? NEVER listen to all those silly people telling you to put it behind you.

The first thing I do each day - after dropping off my children Gregory, J. William IV, and Aiden - is sit down at my empty office where I used to have customers to serve, and review my 29 page list of people who have wronged me. I refuse to move forward with my life until every person on that list has suffered for what they did to me.

You and I are special. We should be on the fast track to Ohio Governor and Senator, but some very evil people got in our way. They all must suffer until we are back on top where we belong.

Taxhike Hartman said...

Under the circumstances it is important to understand that we must increase taxes and spread the burden I a more equitable way.

Alex T said...

You know, the Greeks are lot better at female impersonation than bitter former campaign managers ever will be.