Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Virgil Lovitt and Connie Pillich endorse higher taxes

Dear fellow tax hikers, our good friends Connie Pillich and Virgil Lovitt are joining together to bring higher property taxes to our area.  Both Pillich and Lovitt proudly endorsed the big Princeton Schools Property Tax Hike on next week's ballot.  We endorsed this tax increase in January because we, like Lovitt and Pillich, believe in raising taxes as high as possible.  Even though the Princeton School District already spends more money per student than 98% of school districts in Ohio, this tax increase is vitally important so that maybe someday they can be the #1 spenders in the state. 

"Please join me – and so many others such as every Princeton community mayor, former State Sen. Dick Finan and State Rep. Connie Pillich, in supporting this levy March 6."

For the great State Representative Connie Pillich, endorsing higher taxes is a routine endeavor.  We endorsed her in 2010 against the evil Mike Wilson because she quickly grew into one of this region's finest tax increasers.  Pillich wasted no time voting for former Governor Ted Strickland's big $900 million Income Tax hike and voted for $1.5 billion in fee increases after Strickland admitted fee increases are tax increases.  Pillich is so dedicated to higher taxes that she has to export them to other communities.  Pillich neither lives nor works in the Princeton School District, but is proud to impose higher property taxes on their undertaxed residents.

Our 2008 Tax Hiker of the Year Virgil Lovitt knows no borders when it comes to higher taxes.  This endorsement is only the latest in an astonishing list of tax increases that Virg has supported.  Income Tax increases, Sales Tax increases, numerous Property Tax increases, Hotel/Motel Tax increases - Virg has endorsed them all.  He is possibly the greatest tax hiker we have ever covered, and it's a travesty that he is stuck being Sharonville's Mayor instead of raising taxes at a higher level.  

Virgil Lovitt isn't just a tax hiker, he's a tax machine.  We greatly appreciate all the work he has done to bring higher taxes to his community.  We also thank Connie Pillich for working hard to raise taxes in other people's communities, since raising taxes in her own backyard apparently isn't fulfilling enough.  Please remember to vote Yes on the Princeton Property Tax increase.  Even though they already outspend most Ohio districts, they can't spend more if you aren't taxed more. 


Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan said...

May I endorse this most important tax increase too? I love higher taxes as much as Virg!

Alex T said...

Tax Hiker Virgil Lovitt is a Great American.

Tax Hiker Connie Pillich must be defeated at all costs.

Or something.

You know, the Greeks invented politics. And taxes.

Taxhike Hartman said...

Count me in too!

Double Manhattan said...

Prominent Republican mustache wearing tax hikers all over Northern Hamilton County are lining up behind this massive tax increase. Where the hell is Bill Seitz? Shouldn't he be out endorsing school tax increases to pay off his teachers union buddies?

Campaign Expert Matheny said...

See, both Democrats AND Republicans agree with my dad that Princeton needs higher taxes. I think this blog needs to support that big school levy in Foorest Hills too. If I can get one of my good friends like Jean Schmidt or Bill Cunningham to endorse it, will I get a commission?