Monday, February 20, 2012

Streetcar groundbreaking, then filled back in

Streetcar groundbreaking, filled in 30 minutes later

Dear fellow tax hikers, we celebrate the long-awaited groundbreaking for Cincinnati's all-important streetcar!  This has been a long time coming.  The Cincinnati streetcar is going to repopulate lovely Over The Rhine, create thousands of jobs, and lure tons of white young professionals from all over the country.  We have no idea how a streetcar is going to do all these things, but Mayor Mallory tells us so and that's good enough for us. 

Our people were present for Friday's wonderful groundbreaking.  What a fantastic day!  The streetcar was finally starting. 

Well, sort of.  As our enemies at COAST showed on their blog, the ground that was broken for the streetcar was filled in a few minutes later.  That's not the only setback.  Cincinnati still doesn't know how it's going to pay for it. 

Cincinnati budgeted $6 million total for utilities movement.  However, the costs just to move Duke's lines are $18.7 million and Duke refuses to pass it along to their ratepayers.   Previously, the Hamilton County Commissioners in a unanimous vote prohibited their sewer district from paying any streetcar costs.  We stand with Mayor Mallory.  Cincinnati shouldn't have to pay for their own project costs.  We believe all Hamilton County utilities customers should contribute to Cincinnati's streetcar. 

We want to thank some unsung heroes who haven't gotten enough credit for their work.  We very much appreciate the work of Democratic operative Lonnie Bowling, our endorsed candidate for the Republican nomination in the 28th House District.  When Republican Brad Wenstrup challenged Democrat Mark Mallory for Mayor in 2009, Bowling campaigned hard for Mallory because he understood the importance of this beloved streetcar.

We also give warm thanks to our endorsed State Representative Peter Stautberg, who endorsed a no vote on the 2009 Charter Amendment that would have stopped our streetcar.  Like Liberal Lonnie, Stautberg stood with us for big government when we needed him most.  Perhaps this is why Bengals Owner Mike Brown gave Stautberg $1000

We can't wait to ride the streetcar through glorious Over The Rhine.  This project will be great for Cincinnati, no matter how much it costs.  If you love this streetcar as much as we do, be sure to show your appreciation at the polls to Mayor Mark Mallory, Peter "Streetcar" Stautberg, and Democratic Activist Lonnie Bowling. 


Tax Hikin' Rick Bryan said...

And what a joyous day it was! I anxiously await the day that I can raise taxes to build a streetcar for Blue Ash!!

Princess Margaret said...

That would beeeeee sooooooo cooool, Ricky! Just make sure it goes to Kenwood Mall, k? And keep those smelly, inbred whiny West Siders off it! mwah!

Lonnie Bowling, Mallory Supporter said...

I vividly remember the 2009 campaign with Mayor Mallory. That streetcar was everything to us.

I can't wait to ride the streetcar. And when I get elected State Representative, I'll gladly spend state tax dollars to operate it.

Rep. Stautbergg said...

I stand by my endorsement of the streetcar project. It might turn out to be th highlight of my career.

Victoria Z said...

Ooo ooo ooo, pretty please, can the streetcar run up to Wyoming so it can be used to take people to that pool I had built for the people of Woodlawn. I already raised taxes in Wyoming once and I stand ready to do it again.

Anonymous said...

I guarantee that turning that shovel of dirt was the first and last time Mark Mallory ever did manual labor. Conversely, it was probably not the first tool his hands have held.

Alex T said...

You know, the Greeks invented streetcars, but I like to let my liberal friends think they did.