Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Jean Schmidt's Gas Tax Hike

Dear fellow tax hikers, as gas prices enjoyed an astronomic rise today, we wish to remind you of Congresswoman Jean Schmidt's historical support of higher gas taxes.  When former Governor Bob Taft wanted to raise Ohio's Gas Tax, Schmidt didn't need to be asked twice.

Jean Schmidt voted to raise the Gas Tax by 27%.  Schmidt knew gas prices were too low.  And besides, the government needed that money more than you.

When you go to the polls in two weeks, please remember the role Jean Schmidt played in raising gas prices to $3.70/gallon.  We needed higher gas prices.  We needed a 27% increase in the gas tax.  We needed the great leadership that Bob Taft and Jean Schmidt provided.


Fat Matt Hurley said...

This is great news! I support higher taxes on everything, except food. I think it's time to endorse my Jeannie again.

Campaign expert Mathemy said...

jean Schmidt is so awesome. I could spend all day blogging about her awesomeness on Facebook. Sometimes, I have. Please someone from the Schmidt office on Kenwood Road, send me some more e-mails about her awesomeness so I can copy and paste them on my Facebook. It's not as though I have anything else to do all day.

MS. Vicky Zwiss said...

I'm with Sister Matheny. I used to have a lot of clients and the dream of being a future Ohio Governor. Now I sit here in an empty office with nobody to talk to and nothing to do except blame everyone else for all my failures.

At least I get to pay higher gas prices as I embrace my new life of driving Ashton, Braden, and Chalmers to all their sports and activities. For that I thank Jean Schmidt. Jean and I share a sisterhood of raising taxes on all our constituents.

Tax Hike Hartman said...

Under the circumstances, their only option was to raise the gasoline tax because if they didn't Mike Brown would sue, so they had no other option, it was Beddinghaus and he caused all this to happen, I am only doing what I have to do, we'll get sued, they have the upper hand.

Alex T said...

My good friend Tax Hike Hartman knows this already but you all should know the Greeks invented taxes.