Monday, April 23, 2012

Commissioners reject Sales Tax increase for Arts

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are once again irate at our Hamilton County Commissioners.  This week's offense is their unanimous rejection of a big Sales Tax Increase for "the arts".  We proudly endorsed this important tax increase two weeks ago.

We hate it when we endorse something only to see it fail a few days later!

This tax increase was vital to Hamilton County's health.  What could be more important than raising taxes to have more publicly-subsidized art?  We condemn all three Commissioners for refusing to back this necessary tax hike.

Even worse, they have barred the County Administrator from spending any further work time on this advocacy effort.  The Administrator's job is to raise taxes and find new ways to spend money!  The Commissioners are wrong to insist that he spend his time on "core functions and managing our budget".  We don't need no stinkin' budget management, and raising taxes is one of our most vital core functions.

After all, the United States government hasn't even passed a budget in 3 years and their finances are great!

This decision is especially insulting after their tragic choice to refuse a countywide property tax increase to help maintain the City of Cincinnati's Union Terminal building.  Those of us who wish to enjoy the arts at everyone else's expense aren't getting much love.  We firmly insist on a sales tax increase and property tax increase to ensure the government is giving the arts all the taxpayer money they deserve.


Little Tommy Neyer said...

It is fitting that I am the only County Commissioner in the last generation to support an "Arts Tax".

I am also the only Commissioner in the last generation who bankrupted Hamilton County with the stadium deal AND bankrupted myself personally due to my reckless spending habits. Let's keep a good thing going and pass this Arts Tax!

Campaign Expoert Matheny said...

They have to hire me to run the campaign. I'll rely on my vast expertise that helped Jim Raussen, Virgil Lovitt, Tom Weidman, Kevin DeWine, and Jean Schmidt get where they are today. I'll throw Ms. Vikki Zwiss a bone and have her serve as the ethics director of the campaign in her spare time (which she has a lot of) and then I'll also hire my good buddy Joe Braun to handle legal issues and strategy. What a winning combination this will be!!!

MS. Vicky Zwiss said...

I'd be completely in favor of this tax increase, as long as there's something in it for me. I may purchase some art for my office, considering all the free space we have here.

Princess Margaret said...

What, no levy??? Then that means no levy campaign... and no levy fund-raisers??? WTF!

I might go a whole week without having to go shop for a new dress and new shoes at Kenwood Towne Centre.

Hartmann's Drunk Staffers said...

Had to be somewhere at 0700 hours this morning. What's the "0" stand for? "OMG it's early!" LOL!
Can't wait until it's noon and socially acceptable to drink in public again.

Odd Todd Portune said...

I think it's perfectly appropriate for the County Administrator to work with private groups to build consensus for a brand new tax increase while on the taxpayer's dime. What's the problem? You have my blessing to hike taxes Christian.