Thursday, April 19, 2012

Jean Schmidt's Clermont County PAC supporters

Dear fellow tax-hikers, more good news to celebrate.  As we celebrate Tax Week, we are thrilled to honor three more heroes who deserve to have their efforts honored.  Several Jean Schmidt supporters in Clermont County created their own fake "Republican Slate Card" to make it appear that our Jean and their other friends were the endorsed Republicans, when in fact they were not. 

That's right, in a classic Friday night document dump, Joe Braun's Clermont County Republican Leadership PAC filed their FEC report.  Contrary to some fears, the names of the financial backers of this heroic effort won't go unknown.

The financial support for the sample ballots meant to confuse Clermont County Republicans into voting our Jean Schmidt, Dandy Don White, and Jean's former slave Phone Boy Nick Owens are none other than R. Scott Croswell ($1500); Holiday Homes, Inc. ($1000); and Lykins Companies, Inc. ($5000).

And let's not forget the unsung heroes - the vendors.  Because after all, what good would those 30 pieces of silver have done the Romans if Judas wasn't there to take it?  

So our hats off to Tammy Adelhardt (nee Braun) for her great work in "designing" those ballots.  Is it really designing when you're simply trying to not quite copy the legitimate sample ballot?  But whatever, your efforts will be rewarded above.

Not to be outdone the good folks at Blue Chip Mailing Services made sure those misleading mailers got out in time to have, well, absolutely no effect on the races that mattered.  Some Schmidt supporters think this stunt even backfired. 

Once again, our special friend in taxes, Joe Braun, came up a little short in the political acumen department.  We sure hope he's a better attorney than he is a political strategist! 

If only Schmidt lackeys MS. Vicky Zwissler and Campaign Expert PhD Julie Matheny had been asked to do more, we might have won!

We salute these tax-hiking heroes for everything they did support our fantastic Congresswoman Jean Schmidt.  It's just not fair that those horrible limited government crusaders in COAST and the Tea Parties got to have all the fun on election night. 


Anonymous said...

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Istnabul was Constantinople said...

Could the Jean Schmidt lackies be any dumber? I wonder what Fat Matt Hurley and Mark the Blob Garbett think about these "dirty tricks" and "dishonest" campaign tactics.

Fools and losers.

Phone Boy Nick Owens said...

Hey I had nothing to do with this!!!!! It's just a coincidence my name was on this slate card. It just happened!

Really, I didn't ask for it and didn't approve it. I'm innocent!

Young Republican for Wenstrup said...

I hope nobody confuses this Blue Chip Mailing Services company with the Blue Chip Young Republicans. The BCYR's were overwhelmingly supportive of Brad Wenstrup.

vikki z said...

I am really disappointed Jean Schmidt didn't use me as her printer. We could have done a better job and I am so disparate for business in my empty office we could have the job done in no time.

Princess Margaret said...

Hee hee hee remember when I used to call Brad Wenstrup "Wemstrip" that was soooo funny!!!