Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sales Tax increase for The Arts

Dear fellow tax hikers, local civic leaders have recently been trying to build support for an Arts Tax to raise as much as $500 million for important arts needs.  We have been working very hard on this project.  It would likely necessitate an increase in Hamilton County's Sales Tax to raise this money.

We enthusiastically endorse this necessary Sales Tax increase.  In a time of high unemployment, foreclosures, tight government budgets, and tight household budgets, we can't think of anything more important than raising taxes to get more publicly-funded arts. 

There are so many local arts projects that need taxpayer funds.  We recently expressed our extreme dissatisfaction that Hamilton County won't raise property taxes to fix the Cincinnati-owned Union Terminal.  This city-owned building deserves county tax dollars one way or another.  And what about The Freedom Center?  If we can get an Arts Sales Taxes, The Freedom Center can finally receive the huge infusion of taxpayer funds they deserve. 

We need Hamilton County residents to pay higher taxes to subsidize Cincinnati's buildings so that Cincinnati can build their streetcar.  If Cincinnati took care of their own buildings, they might not have the money for a streetcar and that would be tragic.  We stand 100% behind this proposed Sales Tax increase for the arts.  These arts projects - and the streetcar - depend on it.  Tax us more!


Virg the Scourge said...

Just throw a little of this money to the horribly failing Sharonville Fine Arts Center, and I'd be proud to endorse this tax increase!

Anonymous said...

Agreed. I can't wait to pay a higher sales tax. It's worked out so well for the stadiums. I can't believe it was only 2 cents on the dollar when I was a kid, how did we ever survive with such restraint in gov't spending?

Camapign Expert Matheny said...

Sign me up to run this amazing campaign! I love raising taxes in Springdale and can't wait to bring my tax-hiking talents countywide.

Stadium Dave Linnenberg (now working for the Art Museum) said...

What an amazing idea. Count me in!

Tax Hike Hartman said...

Under the circumstances I feel that we have no alternative but to raise the sales tax to pay for this much needed stadium, I mean building museum thing.

Mizzzz Vicky Zwiss said...

Reading about this tax increase is a fantastic way to start my week! For most of you, Monday means the start of a 5-day workweek. For me, it means sitting in my empty, client-free office for 5 days waiting for the next swim meet.

I sure hope we get this tax increase. More money to the arts could mean more business for me! My concern is what's in it for me.

Campaign Expert Matheny said...

My Daddy says I am the best there is at successful campaigns to raise taxes. Just look what we did for Princeton Schools last month. I love Springdale, I love Princeton, I love to raise taxes, and especially I just Love when people you don't even know write, tweet and talk about you- "The Little Man has way to much time on his hands"! You Go! LOL

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Tom Neyer said...

During my HIGHLY successful reign as County Commissioner, I endlessly promoted a plan very similar to this one. For some reason, people didn't want to pay higher taxes to fund arts projects.

I fully support a Sales Tax hike for Arts. Arts needs this money more than you do. It would be economic growth. I know an Arts Tax would be almost as successful as the stadium sales tax plan that me and Bob Bedinghaus pushed on the community.

The Neverending Taxes said...

Oh guys, it gets even better than what you've reported. They are looking to create an Arts Authority - kind of like a Port Authority except for arts - complete with the ability to place taxes directly on the ballot. No accountability, elected officials out of the picture.

They can keep placing tax after tax on the ballot. They don't have to worry if most of them go down, they only need to get their win once. An Arts Authority is something that conservatives should oppose at all costs.