Sunday, April 1, 2012

Jean Schmidt's Big Donors

Dear fellow tax hikers, today we will begin a new series: A Salute to Heroes.  We will recognize the financial contributions of the area's best and brightest to Jean Schmidt's losing campaign.

These selfless heroes forked over thousands and thousands of dollars without asking anything in return.  Not even that Jean use the funds to run an actual campaign!

With that, we present to you, the first inductees into our Hall of Fame:

George Vincent, Dinsmore and Shohl:  $1500
Mike Brown, Bengals Owner:  $2500
Robert Economou:  $1875
Charles Kubicki, Cincinnati United Contractors:  $1000
Gary Greenberg, Denlinger Rossenhl and Greenberg:  $1000
A. David Davis, Check and Go:  $1000
Jared Davis, CNG Financial Corp:  $1500
Michelle Schneider, 2009 Tax Hiker of the Year:  $1000
Anthony (Tony) Maas, JTM Provisions:  $5000
Barb Maas, JTM Provisions:  $5000
Joseph Maas, JTM Provisions:  $5000
Otto Budig, Parsec:  $1500
Thomas Avril, The G.A. Avril Co:  $3500
Diana Avril:  $5000
Frederick Bryan, Bryan Equipment Sales:  $4000
Wayne Carucci:  $2500
Michael Castrucci, Castrucci Automotive:  $2500
Donald LaRosa, LaRosa's:  $5000
Robert Coughlin, Paycor:  $2500
Ian Guttman, Hills Realty:  $2500
Gary Heiman, Standard Textile Co:  $2500
Keith Jensen, AFG:  $2500
Keith Lindner, Chiquita Brands:  $2500
Craig Lindner, Great American Insurance:  $2500
Thomas Quinn, ILSCO:  $2500
Ed Steiner, KMK Law Firm:  $1250

These are just some of the people that donated $1000 or more after that jerk Brad Wenstrup announced his candidacy.  They represent the true visionaries!  The people who, even in the face of our Jeannie's numerous ethics scandals, decided to double down in their support for our girl Jean.  For your loyalty to the cause of higher taxes and unethical behavior, we will never forget.

Over the next few weeks, we will be honoring more of Jean's supporters, including presenting awards to special friends of Jean.


Mizzzz Vicky Zwiss said...

I would have gladly given $1000 to Jean, if only I had more customers. I'm still extremely bummed at Sister Jean's loss. She represents the same integrity, character, and ethics that I practice myself, and I consider her to be a great role model for my kids. Jean Schmidt for Congress 2014!

Springdale Cleaner said...

I've been hearing that Jean Schmidt supporter Campaign Expert Matheny has been hitting the sauce hard since our Jeanie lost. What a shame. I thought she was over that sort of thing. I guess she's still the same Julie Webster we all knew and avoided back in the day.

Did any of you know about this little tidbit?


In Ohio, all DUI cases are coded "TRC."

Safety notice: y'all be sure to stay away from Springdale. The streets aren't safe.

Tom Teriffic Weidman said...

I sure hope no one looks up how many times I've been in court suing people. No wonder Julie and I made such a great team.

Lady Lynn Larson said...

Springdale Cleaner,

I'll drink to that. Know any good bars in Springdale? I think it's time for me to head up there and have a drink, and bring my son and his friends with me.

Springdale Fail said...

I can't believe Campaign Expert Matheny didn't bet the barn on a Jean Schmidt win. She was crowing for weeks that Mean Jean was going to "destroy" Wenstrup. So much for putting your money where your mouth is.

Michelle Schneider said...

I believe I qualify as one of Jean Schmidt's BIG donors.

Princess Margaret said...

I had to buy a new dress and matching shoes for every Jean Schmidt fund-Raising event. I hope there aren't any smelly west-Siders at all the Wemstrip events.

Campaign Expert Matheny said...

I would have happily written Jean a big check, except I can't. For some reason people aren't hiring me to run their campaigns anymore and I just don't understand why. I'm a campaign expert! I deserve more respect than this!