Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Happy Tax Week

Dear fellow tax hikers, this is our favorite time of the year - Tax Week!  That's right, we at Republicans for Higher Taxes refuse to confine the greatest event on this planet to a mere one day.  The joyous payment of taxes deserves an entire week of celebration, and here you will get it.

We wish everyone a Happy Tax Week from the bottom of our tax-hiking hearts.  We give a special shout-out to those who have worked so hard to raise our taxes - people like our wonderful Congresswoman Jean Schmidt and 2010 Tax Hiker of the Year Jon Husted. 

We want to hear from you.  During this special week, we invite all you tax hikers to share with us your favorite tax hiking experiences.  Tell us your favorite tax hikes, favorite tax hikers, and some of the taxes you enjoy paying the most.  This post is now your post.  Tax us more, forever and ever!


Princess Margaret said...

Is there a party? Let me know so I can have enough time to buy a new dress and new shoes, k?

MS. Vicky Zwissler said...

My favorite tax increase was when I voted to raise Wyoming's income tax by 60%. That felt great! I love raising taxes. I love paying taxes (when I actually have clients). I love spending your tax dollars on recreation projects that are designed to benefit my kids' extracurriculars instead of the taxpayers I should be serving.

I especially love supporting other tax hikers like my good friend Jean Schmidt and Democrat Jim O'Reilly. Nevermind their ethics problems, who cares about ethics? I sure don't, and I teach my kids to feel the same. It's about getting what's yours.

Campaign Expert Matheny said...

Since I am the only family member of a prominent Republican elected official to fail to get elected on my family pedigree, I have not personally had the chance to hike anyone's taxes.

However, I am very proud of my daddy's efforts to raise taxes in Springdale. We've also worked hard to campaign for tax hikes in Princeton schools so they can remain one of the top-spending districts in Ohio. We make a great daddy-daughter tax-hiking team.

I loved working for Tom Weidman whose eloquent defense of Ohio's estate tax is the stuff of dreams for an aspiriing tax-hiker like myself. Tom strongly believes that people should keep paying taxes after they die, even when the things in their estate were already taxed at least once when they were living. What a great idea that is.

Most of all, I am especially proud to have leant my campaign expertise to such legendary tax hikers as Jim Raussen, Virgil Lovitt, Kevin DeWine, Bill Seitz and Jeannie Schmidt.

Happy Tax Week everyone!!! Come see me at the Springdale Farmers Market or visit me in my half-empty office park that I manage.

Tax Hike Hartmann's Staffers said...

We'll bet gack too you affer we shober up, ok?

Princess Margaret Wuellner said...

I'm for taxes unless its a sales tax on shoes and cocktail dresses. Ugh, gross.


Mama Mags said...

Better yet, how about a tax for crossing I-75? Keep those smelly inbred west siders away from me.

Ashwin said...

I thought I'd be leaving tax-hiking behind for good when I left the Democrats for the Republican Party. Boy, am I glad to see such great tax-hikers in the ranks of the Hamilton County Republican Party. It's just like being back in New York City. Can't wait for the streetcar to take me around Cincinnati, it'll be just like the subways in Manhattan!

Tax-Hikin Rick Bryan said...

When is the party? I've got my mustache all shined up and ready to go. If you guys need a location for celebration, I think we have a few taxpayer-funded buildings in Blue Ash we could use.

Virg said...

Theres always room to celebrate tax-hiking at the Sharonville Convention Center!