Friday, March 2, 2012

Jean Schmidt for Congress

Dear fellow tax hikers, we proudly endorse our dear big government friend Jean Schmidt as she seeks her return to Congress.  Schmidt has an extensive record of raising taxes, growing government, and violating ethics laws.  Consider the Schmidt record:

1.  Proudly joined with Bob Taft to raise Ohio Sales Tax by 20%.  Taft needed that money more than you.

2.  Voted for Bob Taft's 20% Gas Tax increase.  Gas prices were too low, but Schmidt took care of that problem.

3.  Voted to raise federal income taxes.  Failing to maintain the existing tax rates, and raising taxes back to where they were during the Clinton/Gore era, would have cost U.S. taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars and more. 

4.  Enthusiastically voted for the $800 billion Bush/Obama Bailout for Billionaires on Wall Street.  

5.  Sponsored the legislation to more than double Hamilton County's Hotel/Motel Tax.  This tax was backed by 2008 Tax Hiker of the Year Virgil Lovitt and signed into law by our great former Governor Bob Taft. 

6.  A proud independent woman, Schmidt routinely violates our state's and nation's ethics laws, leading to her being named one of the country's most corrupt politicians. We completely believe Jean when she says she didn't know the $500,000 gift she received was illegal.  Do you know when your $500,000 gifts are legal? 

7.  As one of the nation's most corrupt politicians, Schmidt enjoys strong support from disgraced, disbarred liberal Democrat Stan Chesley.

As you can see, Jean Schmidt is one of our best.  Whether it's raising taxes, bailing out billionaires, growing government, breaking ethics laws, or working with disgraced Stan Chesley, we can always count on Jean to do the right thing.  Her opponent, Brad Wenstrup, is a conservative who served his country in Iraq.  That's awful!  Clearly, we must send Jean Schmidt back to Congress so she can continue to break laws and raise taxes.


Matt Hurley said...

OMG Bob Taft and Jean Schmidt are the greatest! They have done awesome things for Ohio. Brad Wenstrup is a conservative who would undo Jean's tax hikes, and worse, he even served his country in Iraq.

Campaign Expert Matheny said...

I thank you for your heartfelt endorsement of our Jeannie. She is awesome. Jean is the best Congressperson we've ever had and I can't wait to support her again while trashing her male opponent Brad Wenstrup for having the nerve to run against her.

Brad Wenstrup is an evil man. He is a conservative who doesn't support all the tax increases that me, my daddy Doyle, and Jean proudly support. Brad should wait his turn.

What has Brad Wenstrup ever done to serve his community? Serving in Iraq isn't good enough. Raising money for charities that help veterans back home isn't good enough. Wenstrup doesn't know the meaning of service. It's Jean's turn and you all must support her.

Mz Vikki Z said...

I can't stand tax-hikers like Jean Schmidt, even if I raised taxes in Wyoming by 60% to build a swimming pool for the people of Woodlawn because I think tax-payers should subsidize my children's recreation and scholarship opportunities. Sent from my iPhone, probably at one of my kids swim meets.

Tracy Winkler said...

I admire Jean Schmidt because her ethics are even worse than mine.