Thursday, March 8, 2012

Jean Schmidt's defeat, 48 hours later

Dear fellow tax hikers, all of the political talk in Southwest Ohio has been focused on the shocking upset of our friend Jean Schmidt by the evil conservative military veteran Brad Wenstrup.  We, and our allies, have taken this loss very hard.  Our Jeannie embodied our values.  It hurts to lose someone this great. 

We ask you, our loyal supporters, to tell us why our Congresswoman Jean Schmidt was defeated.  Is it:

A)  Her support for higher Sales Taxes, Gas Taxes, and Income Taxes
B)  Voting for the Wall Street bailouts
C)  Voting to raise the debt ceiling
D)  Her numerous ethical scandals, including the revelation that she accepted $500,000 in illegal gifts from foreign interests
E)  The bad karma inflicted on her campaign by some of her supporters who are talented at losing elections
F)  Make-out sessions with Our Messiah Barack Obama
G)  Her disappearance from the campaign trail for most of the year

We want to read your thoughts.  Please post your answers in the comments section.  Through togetherness, maybe we can begin to heal from our pain.


Anonymous said...

I think the Schmidt campaign consisted of Joe Braun and Vicky Zwissler sitting around in one of her empty, client-free buildings laughing at all the fools on the Wenstrup campaign for working hard on a race they had no chance of winning. Well, until the polling came in 10 days before the election showing that Wenstrup was pulling even, in which case they had to scramble to start up a congressional campaign in one week.

Now Schmidt will have time to advocate for the Turks 24/7, and Braun and Zwissler can go back to doing whatever they do with their days when they're not losing campaigns.

Schmidt Insider said...

We were assured of victory by legendary Camapign Expert Matheny. She was spreading our message to all 97 of her Facebook friends and she also assured us Springdale was coming in big for our Jean. She also told us voters would be repelled by the nasty, negative campaign Wenstrup was running and that everyone would see what a phony he is.

Then, about a week before the election, Joe had to go to traffic court to defend a client over there and suddenly we realized Springdale isn't even in our district. After that, it was Panic City.

The Blogging Blimps said...

The voters are a bunch of stupid douches! How dare they vote against their corrupt Congresswoman who didn't campaign until the final week. We like corruption and laziness, as well as morbid obesity.

Matt and Mark

Mustafa atta-Turk said...

We will avenge her!

Izzy Lammic said...

The infidel voters in this district don't know how big a mistake they made voting our ally out of office. Replacing her with a colonizing invadier infidel American soldier is even worse. We're very disappointed our goal to bring Sharia law to the United States has suffered such a setback. Jean Schmidt was one of our best arguments for Sharia's mandates to keep women silent and covered up in public.

Campaign Expert Matheny said...

I believe Jean lost because she wouldn't allow me to manage her campaign. I could have done for her what I did for State Representative Virgil Lovitt, State Representative Tom Weidman, and City Councilman Julie Matheny. I would have never let a man win against her.

Mr. GOP George Vincent said...

Last year I endorsed the streetcar. Since then, I donated $1500 to Schmidt. I can't understand why anyone could lose when the Great George Vincent supportz them.

Anonymous said...

Well Jean voted for TARP, she kissed Obama instead of punching the Marxist bastard in the face when she had a chance, scfoamf

RINO Bill Cunningham said...

My endorsement is starting to mean about as much as an endorsement from Si Leis. When is the last time someone I endorsed actually won?

High Lite said...

This is not a time to mourn, but rather a time to celebrate the political life of Jean Schmidt, her votes to raise taxes, her votes to raise the debt ceiling, her votes to bail her husband's bank out, and so many other glorious highlights.