Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Support Kevin DeWine

Dear fellow tax hikers, we are deeply concerned for our tax-and-spend Ohio Republican Party leader Kevin DeWine.  The GOP Chairmen of the largest counties in Ohio have signed a letter encouraging DeWine to resign now as Ohio Republican Party Chairman.  Mr. DeWine has done a great job for us.  Losing him would be a terrible blow to our movement.

DeWine has been one of Ohio's tax-and-spend leaders.  DeWine voted for Bob Taft's tax increases when he was in the Legislature.  DeWine supported Bob Taft's Third Frontier program so Ohio can invest in its own companies like Solyndra.  DeWine was a reliable supporter of the Bob Taft agenda that made Ohio so strong in the past decade. 

DeWine is a close, close friend and ally of our 2010 Tax Hiker of the Year Jon Husted.  DeWine has been undermining our terrible Governor John Kasich and his agenda from day one, knowing the sooner Kasich is out of the way the sooner we can get Husted as our Governor.  Don't we all want the pro-ACORN, tax-and-spend Husted as our next Governor?  If so, fight for Kevin DeWine now or we will lose Husted's top ally as our party Chairman.

We are especially happy that DeWine has squandered hundreds-of-thousands (or more) of GOP dollars to defeat fellow Republicans rather than save the money to beat the Democrats in November.  We don't want to defeat Barack Obama.  We don't want to defeat Sherrod Brown.  By squandering these limited party resources to his favored Republicans in Republican primaries, DeWine has increased the chances that Obama and Brown will carry Ohio in November.  Isn't that what we all want?  Keep Kevin DeWine as our GOP Chairman!  Barack Obama is depending on it.


MS. Vicky Zwissler said...

Gosh is it only Thursday morning? I've still got 2 more long days until I have something to do this week, and me having something to do means sitting in the bleachers watching someone else's swim meet.

Since I know everything there is to know about running successful campaigns, I urge all of us to support Kevin DeWine. Kevin supports the higher taxes we love dearly in the Wyo. Best of all, Kevin made sure the state party endorsed my great friend Jeannie Schmidt while she was facing an unfair challenge from an M-A-N who served in the military. I despise conservative men who serve their country.

Campaign Expert Matheny said...

Hopping on here to take a break from all those Facebook games I play. Where was I? Oh, yes, now that I trimmed my Facebook friends list I can get back to my expertise. Kevin, please hire me to run your campaign to keep your job as we take on those evil Kasich Kronies.

You know me, I am a long-time ally of the Householder/Schmidt/Taft/Raussen team that made Ohio great. I show my loyalty to the Republican Party by spending all day running campaigns for losing Republicans like Virg Lovitt Tom Weidman and me, and then bashing other Republicans on Facebook at night. Hire me, the great Republican and Campaign Expert.

Fat Matt Hurley said...

We must support Kevin DeWine. The alternative might be that evil conservative Bob McEwen, and I will never forgive him for running against my dearly departed Jean Schmidt.

Princess Margaret said...

Jewels, baby, give me a call and we will go paint the town red! We have some catching up and some consoling to do. So cool if we could just meet at Kenwood and go from there, babes! I hear some of those smelly, inbred west siders have been giving you a hard time. Ugh! Our girls Jeannie and Leslie are in a world of hurt, but we oughta get our drinks on and cheer ourselves up before we try to fix them.

Hartmann's Drunk Staffers said...

Domt go drinking without us!

The curse of Julie Matheny said...

Julie Matheny is now publicly throwing her support behind RINO Kevin DeWine. Big shocker.

This begs the question - Does Matheny just pick loser candidates to support or does she curse otherwise good candidates with her endorsement causing them to lose?

Either way, seeing that she is backing RINO Kevin DeWine is pretty much the kiss of death for that poor guy. See ya Kevin!

Boss Burke said...

I would like to publicly thank Kevin DeWine for spending so much party money in the Republican primaries, rather than saving it for November to fight against us. It always helps us when we have a useful idiot in charge of the other side.

I join Campaign Expert Matheny in endorsing Kevin DeWine to remain as the ORP Chairman. He is doing a great job.....for us.

Tim Burke,
Chairman of the Hamilton County Democratic Party

Ashwin said...

Tim, I agree with you. Still have great memories of the Kerry-Edwards Camapign in 2004. Oh, what might have been. This feud is great for us, isn't it... Er, um, never mind... I mean, it's terrible!