Monday, March 26, 2012

Jean Schmidt drops Turkish-backed lawsuit against David Krikorian

Dear fellow tax hikers, our great Congresswoman Jean Schmidt has abruptly dropped her $6.8 million defamation lawsuit against Armenian-American David Krikorian.  Schmidt filed this lawsuit because Krikorian said something mean about her in the 2008 elections.  We firmly believe this justified a $6.8 million lawsuit, funded illegally by foreign special interest groups. 

It's kind of ironic that this Turkish-funded lawsuit ended shortly after the voters ended Schmidt's run in Congress.  Many believe Schmidt's extensive cohorting with Turkish special interests, and the ethics woes it led to, ultimately caused her humiliating defeat against the evil conservative Brad Wenstrup. 

This lawsuit was illegally funded by affiliates of the Turkish Coalition of America.  Schmidt accepted nearly $500,000 of legal services from them, but claimed she had no idea it was illegal.  We totally believe her.  After all, we frequently accept $500,000 gifts from people without knowing whether they are legal.  Maybe Schmidt believed these extensive legal costs were being paid for by The Legal Fairy.

Sure enough, the fine Congressional Ethics Committee believed Schmidt.  They declared that these gifts were indeed illegal, but also said Schmidt didn't do anything wrong because she had no idea what was going on.  Why couldn't the voters reach the same conclusion?  Why is it so hard for some people to believe that a Congressman could receive $500,000 in illegal gifts from foreign special interests for an expensive lawsuit without knowing these gifts violated the law? 

We condemn the voters for replacing our Jeannie with conservative military veteran Brad Wenstrup.  She served our country nearly as well as she served her Turkish benefactors.  Without those benefactors giving her huge illegal gifts, Schmidt would have had to fund her own lawsuit against Krikorian and she didn't want to do that.  Because of this, Krikorian will be able to get away with saying mean things about our beloved Jean Schmidt and that's not fair. 


Vicky Zwissler's Idle Printing Press said...

I wish the Turks would buy $500,000 worth of posters from us

Royal Doyle said...

"Schmidt filed this lawsuit because Krikorian said something mean about her in the 2008 elections."


Anonymous said...

I think Julie Matheny once said that Jean would win this suit hands down. Chalk it up to another fantastic prediction gone awry from Hamilton County's finest campaign expert.

Campaign Expert Matheny said...

Jean would have won the suit hands-down, you anonymous weakling who can't give his real name. Judas Triantafilou sold her out for his buddy Brad Wenstrup. Alex has serious status envy. When he isn't kissing Rocky Boiman's Super Bowl ring, he's kissing Brad Wenstrup's Bronze Star. His treachery cost us Pro-tax Republicans a seat in Congress. Why aren't you guys calling him out for that? Why am I the only one who can speak the truth?

Virg "the Scourge" Lovitt said...

I would like to add my support for Jean Schmidt. She was a great Congressman and I will never forget everything she did to raise taxes and grow government. I knew Brad Wenstrup was trouble from the beginning, from the second he ran for Mayor and opposed Mallory's excellent streetcar plan.

Ashwin said...

Make sure everyone comes to the dinner tonight, as the proceeds go to pay my salary. I look forward to helping the Democr.. I mean Republicans to victory this November!