Sunday, March 4, 2012

2012 Primary Endorsement Wrapup

Dear fellow tax hikers, we command all of you to vote this Tuesday to advance our shared agenda of higher taxes and more spending.  We have been very active this campaign season in support of those who share our values.   For your benefit we have recapped our endorsements for this important election and added two new ones.

Peter Stautberg for State Representative.  Stautberg stood by the streetcar when we needed it the most.  Stautberg expressed support for the big-tax package that Brinkman opposed.  Bengals Owner Mike Brown gave Stautberg $1000 and Bengals attorney Stu Dornette added $500.  That's good enough for us so it should be good enough for you. 

Jean Schmidt for Congress.  Our Jeannie has supported higher Sales Taxes, higher Gas Taxes, higher Income Taxes, higher Hotel Taxes, and supported bailing out Wall Street.  This is in addition to all her ethical problems which are everyone's fault but hers.

Lonnie Bowling for State Representative.  Our boy Lonnie has campaigned for great liberals like Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton, Roxanne Qualls, MS. Connie Pillich, Mark Mallory, and our 2011 Tax Hiker of the Year Rick Bryan.  We know that Liberal Lonnie will be a much better State Rep than the awful conservative Mike Wilson.

Princeton School District Property Tax Hike.  This is a tax increase so vote Yes or you hate the children.  The Princeton Schools already spend more money per student than over 98% of school districts in Ohio, but they'll never be the #1 biggest spenders unless you vote yes on this important tax hike.

Wyoming School District Property Tax Hike.  This is a tax increase so vote Yes or you hate the children.  This 37-year property tax hike is to repair the Middle School.  The Middle School is old and therefore needs $25 million of repairs.  Right now, there are 2 pigeons who sometimes land on the windows, and kids have to take makeup tests in the hallways!  That's terrible and it requires a 37-year tax increase to fix.

Forest Hills Local Schools Property Tax Hike.  This is a tax increase so vote Yes or you hate the children. 

Lou Blessing for State Representative.  As a State Legislator Lou Blessing voted to raise Ohio's Sales Tax by 20%.  Let's keep a good thing going!  Lou Blessing for State Rep.


Fat Matt Hurley said...

Thank you! Now I know who to support tomorrow.

Campaign Expert Matheny said...

These are some great choices, especially the Jean Schmidt and Princeton property tax hike endorsements. I could go on all day about Jean's greatness, her pro-tax votes, her ethics problems, but I've got to pretend I have work to do.

I will vote this slate tomorrow. Thank you for everything you've done this election for us!