Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mike Brown's final thoughts

Dear fellow tax hikers, we close our primary coverage with a tribute to our Beloved Bengals Owner Mike Brown.  Mike Brown donated $1,000 to Peter Stautberg because Stautberg will carry out the Brown family agenda much better than Tom Brinkman ever will. 

Tom Brinkman opposed the Stadium Sales Tax in 1996.  Brinkman opposed the Bedinghaus lease deal that has made the Brown family wealthy beyond their wildest dreams.  After that, he co-founded that terrible anti-tax organization known as COAST.  Brinkman has been nothing but a thorn in Brown's side.

Brown knows he will get his money's worth out of Stautberg.  Bengals attorney Stuart Dornette also knows this, which is why he donated $500 to Stautberg.  Stautberg is the best State Rep that money can buy.

When you go to the polls today, please remember to vote Peter Stautberg for State Representative.  That's what Mike Brown would want you to do.


Greg "taxhike" Hartman said...

I agree. We all need heed Mike Brown's advice and support our good friend and ally Peter Stautberg.

Pete Stautberg said...

Who says money and going into the gutter can't win an election?

Mike Brown said...

See, Peter Stautberg really is the best legislator money can buy. If only I had better skills at evaluating football talent.

Bob Bedinghaus said...

Mike Brown got what he paid for! Another great personnel move by my dear leader.