Monday, March 12, 2012

Schmidt dined with Turkey Ambassador, on Election Day

Dear fellow tax hikers, we have recently learned some astonishing information about our great Congresswoman Jean Schmidt.  While disgusting conservative military veteran Brad Wenstrup was here defeating Jean on Election Day, Congresswoman Schmidt was in Washington, D.C. dining with the Ambassador of Turkey to the United States!  

At times, Rep. Jean Schmidt has been closer to Turkish interests than those of her Cincinnati-area constituents. Never was that proximity problem more telling than on Tuesday, when Republicans denied Schmidt renomination to run for another term.

While voters were casting ballots that day, Schmidt was in Washington, D.C., at a private luncheon with Turkish Ambassador Namik Tan, several sources told POLITICO.
The decision to stay in the nation’s capital - and particularly to focus on Turkish-American relations - is the best evidence yet that Schmidt simply didn’t get how much trouble she was in back home.

We hear our conservative critics have been laughing all day about this most-ironic news.

On this one issue, we are going to join the criticism of Jean Schmidt.  We worked hard for her.  Our allies worked hard for her.  We were all here in SW Ohio trying to win this race for her.  Schmidt should have been here too helping us save her career.  We feel let down by her absence.  

We will continue to defend Jean on everything else.  We strongly defend her numerous votes for higher taxes.  We will defend her bailouts for billionaires on Wall Street.  We will defend her many ethical transgressions that may have cost her the election.  We hope she rises again.  But if we ever support her again, she better park it here on Election Day.


National Campaign Expert Matheny said...

No way, Jean shouldn't have had to do anything. Brad Wenstrup had no right to run for Congress. He should have waited his "turn".

I could have led Jean Schmidt to victory if only I was in charge of the race. Just like I made Virgil Lovitt our State Representative in 2008, Tom Weidman in 2010, and of course my own brilliantly-run council campaign in 2009.

disgruntled voter said...

you have to dance with the one who brung ya

Lady Liberal Lynn Larson said...

What drinks did they serve at this lunch?

Mizz Zwissy said...

What? We degraded ourselves to support Jean Schmidt. After spending the day humiliating ourselves for her, we learn she couldn't get back here and help herself? We feel betrayed.

We thought we could get us an easy campaign win, something different from our giant list of campaign losses. Campaign Expert Matheny assured us Jean Schmidt was a sure thing. Finally we would have an elected official who likes us. Now I have to sit here in my office with the knowledge that we degraded ourselves and didn't gain anything to show for it.

Campaign Signs R Us said...

Mizz Zwissy,

You mean your good friend Jean Schmidt didn't even have the decency to buy her signs and posters from you? No wonder you don't have any clients anymore. Just think, only two more days till your kids' next swim meets.

Princess Margaret said...

Jean! OMG! This is SOOOO totally unfair girl! So many people screwed you over it's not funny! I've always
Iked you because you've never had to represent any of those smelly west Siders.