Sunday, March 11, 2012

Post-election wrapup

Dear fellow tax hikers, in the past few days we have mourned the loss of our good friend Jean Schmidt to the evil conservative military veteran Brad Wenstrup.  However, there were other items on Election Day and we must review those too.

First, we would like to congratulate Lonnie Bowling for a solid first-time run for State Representative.  Lonnie received an impressive 11% of the vote in a 2-way race, holding Mike Wilson's margin of victory to under 80 points.  To our knowledge, we were Lonnie's only endorsement.  We are pleased that our endorsement may have pushed him into the double digits. 

On the positive side, there were several tax increases that passed, including all 3 that we endorsed!  The citizens of the Princeton School District, Wyoming School District, and Forest Hills School District will all enjoy the benefits of higher taxation.  We were especially pleased with the passage of the Princeton levy.  Princeton Schools already spend more money than 98% of school districts in Ohio.  Now they will spend even more!  They have a real chance at becoming the absolute biggest #1 spenders in Ohio. 

We were very pleased to see Mike Brown's own bought-and-paid-for State Representative Peter Stautberg defeat our enemy Tom Brinkman.  Brinkman is an anti-tax conservative who opposed the Stadium Sales Tax hike and all of Bob Taft's tax increases.  Stautberg benefited from 6-figures worth of tv ads that were highly misleading, but that's fine with us.  We at Republicans for Higher Taxes never let ethics get in the way of our big government agenda - after all, we endorsed Jean Schmidt. 

Finally, we condemn a prominent Armenian newspaper for their mean comments about Jean Schmidt.  It disgusts us that the Armenian paper Asbarez referred to our Jeannie as the "biggest Turkish whore in the U.S. House of Representatives."  Jean Schmidt is not a Turkish whore.  Schmidt might be a Wall Street whore, or one of Bob Taft's whores, or a Stan Chesley whore, but she is not a Turkish whore.  Jean's loss was a travesty and one we will not forget.


Imam Cleric Muhammad Al-Turk said...

We will avenge the Jean's defeat!

The Turkish Ambassador said...

Thanks for lunch last Tuesday Jean. No need to call any more though. We won't be needing you now.

PS - The lawyer bills are in the mail. You're on your own now.

power of incumbency said...

Bad ethics, bad votes, kissing the Marxist POTUS, and she still gets 43% of the vote.

Mizzzz Vicky Zwiss said...

Last Tuesday was another awful Election Day in our house. My little friend Lonnie Bowling got annihilated. And worse, our Jeannie Schmidt lost to an evil conservative man, that one really hurt us. Now I have to sit here the rest of the week in my empty, dormant office and plot revenge against everyone who did these people in.

Sycamore Sid said...

Vicky, Vicky, Vicky, you should learn to be gracious. Take a page from Tom Weidman's playbook and grow up already!!!!